Monday, May 04, 2015

Garden at the beginning of May 2015

And what a difference a month makes! The garden has grown a huge amount during April, must have been the unseasonally warm weather, plus a few showers. The raised bed is filling up with not much soil visible now (great from a weeding perspective!).

The Aubrieta along the edge is flowering well. These were a multi-pack of different coloured varieties, which look really pretty next to each other. There was a variegated one, but I don't think it was as robust as the others, as it seems to have vanished!

The next few photos were taken towards the end of April, as I didn't want to miss out on having the tulips included. These have come up again after I planted a multi-pack of different purple varieties about 18 months ago.

The strawberries are flowering, so hopefully we'll have some fruit soon. For the OH rather than me, as I can't eat them!

The espalier apple was slightly later than the standard apple to blossom, which is what we expected. It's pretty covered now though! I can't remember this much blossom in previous years, so hopefully this will a be a year of lots of apples?

And the two Dicentras have grown huge this year, with loads of flowers on them!

How is your garden looking?

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Evelyn Hender said...

it's looking lovely :) I love your aubretia, such a beautiful plant. I've not really got a good spot for it unless I stuck it in pot.

Your tulips are pretty too and your Bleeding Heart looks wonderful! Ours just has the one flower shoot at the moment but lots of growth and leaves happening so I'm hoping it will grow more