Friday, May 29, 2015

Knitting update May 2015

There isn't a huge amount of progress to report, plus I have forgotten to take a pictures of my Samwise Gamgee socks, so it looks like I've done even less than I really have!

The only finished project this month is another Baby vertebrae, as a present for a friend's baby. This one is knitted with another ball of Patons Fab DK, this time in the "Halloween" colourway. Does it look anything like Halloween to you?! I like this pattern as it's easy to use up an entire ball knitting it - you do the body and the edging, then weigh the yarn that's left over and divide it in two to do the sleeves.

I've done quite a bit on the Ella Funt cardigan too. This one is knit the body and sleeves separately, then join the whole lot together for the yoke. That's the stage I'm at now. I actually started the fair isle using some leftover bits of yarn, but there wasn't enough for all the elephant rows so it looked a bit strange. I've frogged that back now and going to do the elephants again with a different colour yarn this time!

And that's about it for this month. My totals aren't looking great, due to the trip to Iknit Fandango ;-).
I've only used up 274.3 metres this month, but acquired 2687.9 metres! Oops. Still, that still means over the year so far that I have used up a total of 4848.9 metres, and acquired 3774.5 metres, so I'm still 1074.4 metres down this year. Just depends whether I buy any in June...

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Victoria said...

I can *sort of* see the "Halloween" in the vertebrae. I guess I would call it more Autumn than Halloween, per se. I think the colors are nice. :)

Sprout's 2T sweater (haven't blogged it yet, as I haven't got it washed/blocked) was constructed as your Ella Funt. I didn't particularly like it, as working the yoke became cumbersome with the whole body and sleeves attached. Granted, it was a smaller sweater made with bulky yarn, so that may have factored into it all. :) Can't wait to see how the elephants turn out. :)