Monday, June 01, 2015

Garden at the beginning of the month June 2015

As you can see, everything is growing really big now. We've had quite a bit of rain so everything is a vibrant green as well. I've had to put nets over the strawberries in the hope of saving a few from the birds.

I don't think I can remember ever having this many flowers on the convolvulus before.

Gooseberries beginning to appear! I'm not sure how much fruit there will be this year, as the gooseberry bush is getting a bit shaded out by the blackcurrant bush next to it, and the rhubarb on the other side has gone enormous too.


Both of the apple trees are covered in tiny apples. Wonder how many of them will survive the June drop? There are way too many to grow to maturity.

The armeria also has loads more flowers than I can remember it having before.

And the clematis.

The geranium is looking pretty. I took some cuttings from this one last year and they are doing well in another bed, and have almost as many flowers as this.

I'm particularly pleased with how this bed is filling out. The yellow rose was a wedding present, and the other plants I bought with garden gift vouchers given to me when I left a previous job. I was aiming for a purple and yellow theme, which is looking good, with a Physocarpus opul. little devil, Allium and Heuchera chocolate ruffles providng the purple, and two Euonymus emerald and gold the yellow, alongside the rose.

I finally planted out the tomato plants I'd grown from seed - the other ones I grew went to the plant stall at my church's May Fair. As there was a bit of a delay in getting them planted out one looks a bit the worse for wear, but I'm sure it'll be fine. And that will be more than enough tomatoes for us anyway!

Oh, and finally, the other Physocarpus has just started flowering. I think it's the first time I remember it having flowers! This is obviously the year for flowers and fruit!


Evelyn Hender said...

It's amazing how fast everything is growing this time of year isn't it. Your garden gets lovlier each month :-) I've got lupins and foxgloves flowering in mine now, I'm going to take some photos later in the week to share once the sunshine's back. Dark and rainy here now so rather missed my chance.

I love the colour of your Physocarpus, very dramatic

Iris said...

wow, great progress in your garden! It's amazing how everything all of a sudden gets going, isn't it?

ShinyNewThing said...

Thanks for identifying the convolulus, I have one in the front garden and wasn't sure what it was! Mine is covered in flowers as well, despite looking half dead all winter and regularly getting stomped by builders and scaffolders last summer.