Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thank you

First of all thank you for all the lovely comments and emails people have sent since my last post. I'm feeling much happier now. :-)

You're not going to believe this, but, finally, I have a photo of Pretty in Variegated Purple (from Simply Knitting issue 3). Not a brilliant photo mind, as Mum refused to stand up to take it so she managed to chop the top of my head off and the top looks wonky. It isn't (much) in reality. But hey, we finally have a photo of PVP, I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.

Noah's jumper is finished knitting-wise. Here it is blocking, so I just have to sew it all together and do the ribbing round the collar to finish. I love the colours and gave it a full immersion in water and woolwash - no dye ran!

Anyone been listening to the new podcast: Cast-on? A new issue was uploaded last night and it's quite entertaining so do go and have a listen. It's really funny, nearly an hour long and a total contrast with Knitcast, although I love listening to that too!

Knit Lincs this afternoon was amazing - we had seven people, which is a record! I think the flyer idea, which blueadt gave me, did the trick as more people seemed to have come across them and then turned up at the meeting.

At the moment I only have two projects OTN, a situation I am going to rectify very soon. Misty Garden is still progressing very very slowly as I'm bored with it. Very bored. But still, a few rows a night and we'll get there in the end.
The Broadripple socks are here:

They are indeed too small for my SIL, but just the right size for me. I should reassure all the deeply sceptical people who commented/emailed that I'd made them this size on purpose - it wasn't intentional (honest)! Whilst in London on Thursday I found myself in John Lewis (can't think how I got there) and acquired two balls (well OK, four balls in total, but two were different yarn from the bargain bin) of Cygnet wool rich 4ply in a plain denimy blue. These are for socks for my brother for Christmas, as I couldn't imagine him wearing some of the bright/pink/patterned yarn I've got in my stash.

So what does this week hold in terms of knitting? I have two trips to London (on Monday and Thursday, obviously it would be too easy to go on consecutive days wouldn't it?!) so that means plenty of train knitting time. I'm also going over to Manchester to see DB next weekend so EVEN MORE train knitting time en route. Think maybe I'm single-handedly keeping the railways of this country afloat? I also have two days working in Lincolnshire, and one day working at home, which means i'll get some evenings too...

Oooooh, and I can't go without a rant. Marks and Spencers. Underwear. What is going on?!?! You want to buy a bra. This is entirely possible if you're skinny but well-endowed, as it were. It is also possible if you're a bit bigger than skinny, but flat chested. Try being skinny AND flat-chested (nearly). Am feeling all offended now, especially when I get sent to the "teenage" section. Humph. Humph. Humph.


Mary Anne said...


you're a knitting girl, that's for sure with all the projects you've finished or have on the needles. I love your PVP sweater. It's gorgeous and those Broadripple socks are the nicest socks I've seen in awhile; beautiful colourway. Noah's jumper is a nice colourway too, just right for a little boy. Enjoy your training knitting this week!

Anne said...

Glad you're feeling happier :-)

I love PVP - it's gorgeous and looks lovely on. I love Noah's jumper - I'm really tempted to use variegated yarn for the next infant jumper I make - the stripes would keep me very happy!

I meant to say btw that I'm so impressed by your Knit Lincs - it's great that it's getting more people. I must look into finding a group round here.

Happy knitting this week.

C x said...

I'm not skinny and flat chested any more. But I am still one of the two. I'll leave you to work out which ;) La Senza are pretty good for nice undies in smaller sizes.

PVP is very preddy what yarn is it again?

C x

blueadt said...

I'm glad the flyers helped.

PVP is gorgeous & I adore the colour.

I have the opposite problem. I need a new swimming costume as I partially 'popped out' last week whilst swimming ;-)

KnitYoga said...

PVP is gorgeous. Looks lovely on you, too! I love the colourway of those socks and Noah's jumper. Glad that Knit Lincs is going well now. I must make some flyers when I start advertising for a club in Maidstone after Xmas. Think I may have a listen to that new podcast now. :-)

Steph said...

Beautiful PVP! great work. :-)

happyspider said...

love PVP! and Noah looks fabulous, i need to try some seriously variegated yarn again. and your socks... too much daisy, cannot handle, brain implodes (ka-boom!). so much knitting!

Nic said...

The colour of the jumper is ace! I need to make one each for my little people!
I'll come to Knit Lincs if I ever sell this house and get moved. Its now over a month since dp moved up there and we've been left festering in Mons :(

Jess said...

love the socks!