Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I thought I'd do the "Daisy needs..." meme as I've enjoyed reading what other people have ended up with! Although various people have tagged me, I'm not going to do the one about 1 year ago, 10 years ago etc. Just not in the mood. Sorry. :-)

So here we have: "Daisy needs..." (Ok, I had a bit of a dilemma about whether to use my first name, or Daisy, but Daisy is much more fun!). For those who don't know, what you do is type "*your name* needs" into Google and choose some of the answers that result to put on your blog!

  • Daisy needs money for shoes, and she can’t go home until she has 1500 pesos

  • Daisy needs to be the Alpha dog

  • Daisy needs an initial repository user

  • Daisy needs no batteries and comes with a two-pronged lawn stake

  • To fulfill the requirements of his father's lucrative will, he needs a wife, and Daisy needs the money

  • The Swan River Daisy needs "rich soil". Daisy, indeed, plants herself among the rich, and keeps herself rooted there

  • Daisy needs:; Very short cutoff jean shorts; Sexy tank top; Cowboy boots

  • Daisy needs to up the batch size to 69 scoops to ensure a $25 profit per batch

  • Daisy needs a home where she gets tons of TLC so that she will become a confident

  • Daisy needs a home that will let her "do her own thing". She spends most of her time sleeping

Hmm. Some of those are rather spookily accurate. I'll leave you guessing which ones! ;-)


Anne said...

I'm guessing that you don't need batteries? (But I'm not entirely sure what you get up to with the two-pronged lawn stake... ;-)

Jess said...

I don't think you are battery operated either ;-)

If I do that 'google-game' using my full name, I apparently need nothing! My full name is not that common... but I know I need things!

happyspider said...

hmm if its the sleeping one, that makes two of us :)

KnitYoga said...

That was highly amusing. :-) The plant names seem to do really well in this meme.