Thursday, March 02, 2006

Snow again!

After watching/listening to the news several times this week, featuring loads of reports about the snow in Lincolnshire (what snow in Lincolnshire? Where? Nic didn't have any either. Where is it?!) I zipped off on the train to London today. London was noticeably warmer than Lincoln (it usually is), but then I was sat having a cup of tea and a muffin (it is Lent after all) at the Cafe in the Park in Russell Square and it started snowing! I briefly considered dashing over to the Royal Exchange (near where I used to work) to re-enact the final scene from Bridget Jones' Diary. But I'd have missed my train. And I didn't want to run round London in my underwear (London wasn't THAT much warmer than Lincoln). And there was no guarantee that Colin Firth/Mark Darcy would appear. So I went to Persephone Books instead.

Fab fab fab fab shop. Have sorted out several friend's birthday presents and added myself to the mailing list. The books are beautifully produced, will try and remember to take a piccy of one for a future post. Very very tasty indeed.

Talking of tasty places, immediately before the tea and muffin I'd ventured to Berwick St to find the Cloth House. What a fab street. LOADS of yummy fabric shops and a market to wander around!

And I ended the day in the British Library Bookshop. Oh dear. My wallet. Oops.

Oh crikey, then I got home and found an email from Denise about this place. Which has a yarn sale on. GULP. And I've got to drive through the village where it is four times next week...


Anne said...

Must-not-look-at-cheap-yarn, must-knit-yarn-I-already-have.

(Am being kicked off computer - must go...)

Mary Anne said...

You lucky girl, having snow! I like the Bridge Jones reference, hehe. Persephone Books looks like an awesome bookstore. Thanks for all the cool links.
PS: where is Monkey? Is he keeping your bed warm at home?

susoolu said...

You are making me so jealous - fabulous days in London, with books and cafes and crafts, and then you get to drive by funky looking shops with yarn sales. (ps, it just started snowing just north of the Humber!)

Seahorse said...

Ooooh! Yarn sale! Don't resist TOO hard, will you ;)

blueadt said...

We've got lots of snow now!