Sunday, February 26, 2006

Across the finishing line...

Phew. Made it, with about 3 hours to spare!

The sleeves of the second jumper actually went quite quickly, considering I didn't cast on the first until well into Knit Lincs yesterday and I cast off the second by the end of Casualty last night! Thank God it was the smallest size jumper. The Psychedelic one has buttons on one shoulder, the blue one doesn't, but only because I forgot that I intended to do that!

So now it's time to say thank you to all the people who made it possible. First of all Team GB and all the other lovely knitbloggers out there who've been cheering me on!

And to my nutritionist and physio - Mum!

I always knew it would come in handy having a retired physiotherapist for a Mum!
And to Sooty and Monkey (exactly how much support did I get from Monkey? He likes appearing in photos but doesn't do a great deal else).

Sooty at least sat on my knee to encourage the knitting:

And now I need to do the washing up:

Those are all the mugs, glasses and spoons I possess! The lovely tea from my SP7 was very refreshing too! Thank you SP!

Ooh and I should also thank Green & Black's for their continuing support. Couldn't have done it without you! ;-)

So how's the experience been for me?
  • I've learnt that I can stick to one project at a time!
  • I can also knit faster than I thought, and comparing these two jumpers with the ones (Jumper #1 and Jumper #2) I sent off to Feed the Children last year my knitting skills have also improved dramatically!
  • It's been fun finding out just how much I can get done in the time available and also if I stick to one project. I'm not planning to stick to just one project in future but I will try not to have quite so many WIPs (OK. Who am I kidding?!).
  • Another bonus has been finding some new blogs to read & reading about everyone else's Olympic experiences. And hearing about them on podcasts!
  • But I've hardly watched any of the real Olympics at all. In fact only the opening ceremony. Oops.
So, next stop is - my secret project, the other Jaywalker, the rest of my Cranberry Chamonix pattern. Then it's Mother's Day in March, so I want to get a facecloth done for that.

The other ironic thing is that after spending the last 16 days hurtling around the country in my car and on the train, working all sorts of hours, I now only have 3.5 days work over the next fortnight!


Anne said...

Yay!!! I like double golds :-)

And I've just ordered a cone of Cotton Cashmere to knit a jumper for John. (They've got very little left now - those gannets from Skip North seem to have swiped nearly the whole lot!) I did want two cones - but I'll think of something - probably some black bands to eke out the grey I've bought.

And you're doing a secret project - how exciting ;-)

(Oh, and I've celebrated by letting my MIL do the washing up...)

Marie said...

Congratulations, Daisy! Well done!

Amy said...

Yay! Congrats!

And yes, you can knit one project at a time...but do you really want to? :-)

Theresa said...

You didn't miss much in not watching the Olympics - at least on this side of the pond, the TV coverage was really bad.

Congrats on your sweep!

Anonymous said...


I've failed miserably, myself. My intended project turned out to be very dull. So I knitted a pair of mittens instead! I did finish them during the closing ceremonys yesterday. I wonder if that counts?

Congrats, again, the jumpers are lovely!


KnitYoga said...

Well done, Katie. The jumpers look lovely - bright and cheerful - and will make the recipients very happy, I'm sure. I'm glad you've got a bit of a rest now after all that "hurtling around the country" and needle clicking in every spare minute. Now you can knit and RELAX which, to my mind, is really what knitting is all about. That and satisfying one's creative urges!

Alice said...

its great to see someone feeling they've learnt from the olympic experience (most entries I've read seem to be happy they can put their needles down, or have given up)

you asked on my blog which curious yarns colourway I used for the jaywalkers - think it was "faded", and actually it was pics of your pink ones that i did the big size, which i think is why I ran out of yarn, but she's changing her doubleskein thing apparently anyway

Seahorse said...

Congrats on the finish! They look great :)

jess said...

congrats - they look really attractive and complex.

I failed, can't/won't stick to one thing.

Mary Anne said...

Yay for you, kiddo! Those sweaters look great and the colours are lovely.

As for Monkey, does he really need to do anything other than look cute??

sallie said...

Just love the jumpers and woud love to use up my stash by knitting some for the grandchildren. Is there a pattern you can suggest - I find plain patterns are so hard to come by these days . My email