Thursday, June 15, 2006

More trekking

Joining Trek Along With Me has made me think about some of the walks I do in the course of a normal week. And the knitalong doesn't seem to mind that they're quite short, so I thought I'd take Sock along on some of my outings this week and share them with you. These are two quite contrasting treks. One is from the beginning of the week when I spent a few days working in Norfolk, the second was today when I had to travel down to London for a meeting.

On the Norfolk coast the rhododendrons were still out in the park, as we had such a late spring. Sock and I trotted up to a viewtower through the rhododendrons on Tuesday lunchtime, so only about a 20 minute walk.

This park was designed by Humphrey Repton in 1812, and is of the park-that-surrounds-an-aristocratic-country-house variety, rather than a municipal type park.

This is the view from my bedroom window in the B & B (is a B & B a British thing or do you have them in other countries?) I was staying at in Sheringham, looking past the rooftops to the North Sea. Sock liked the view as I knitted by the open window.

On Wednesday lunchtime we went a couple of miles around the park as the sun was out. Sock went all bashful and made the pictures of him/her blurry even though I did take some!

And was quite relieved to get back to work and collapse in a sock-heap by the next pile of books for cataloguing.

And now for a complete contrast.

Sock and I, the epic adventurers, went off to London today. We found platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross station, from which the Hogwarts Express departs.

King's Cross was busy as usual. Sock didn't want to come out in all the traffic fumes.

But had a bask in the sun a little further along the road at the British Library.

We carried on trotting along Euston Road, admiring the statues on St Pancras' church.

Passing Euston Station...

Stopping to look in the window of the Wellcome Trust (who usually have something interesting going on).

I introduced Sock to UCL, where I did my postgrad stuff. (I can't remember there ever being a blue sky when I was a student here. It always seemed to rain).

And the enormous University College Hospital, next door, which was being built throughout my MA time (with lots of noise).

Then we wandered a bit into Regent's Park before I finally arrived at my meeting.

Afterwards the intrepid trekkers did it all again in reverse (who needs London buses when you've got two feet and a rucksack for Sock?!)
A nice big GNER Mallard mainline train was waiting for us back at King's Cross.

On board Sock and I indulged in a chocolate brownie and some coke. Taking this photo caused some consternation from the man sitting next to me, but we got talking and it turned out he used to run a recycled yarn mill in Bradford, which I thought was rather cool. We ended up having quite a chat about knitting, yarn, books, libraries etc etc...

But S and I had to change trains at Newark (where we will soon be living!)

and a small bright green Central train was waiting for us with vast hordes of people waiting to get on it.

And so we made it back home to Lincoln in time for tea.

I wonder where our next trek will take us?


ColorSlut said...

Oh my gosh Daisy. It is so pretty there. Thanks for posting all the great photos.

The socks are looking wonderful!

Anne said...

Very pretty views, and my sock is very jealous of yours - admittedly my sock has returned to "ball of yarn" status, but still, it wants to go on trains like yours has. It's all excited now it's seen some - and that it's possible for a young sock to travel on one it's going to be somewhat obsessed, I can tell.


mrspao said...

I enjoyed your trek - I didn't know there was a sign for platform 9 3/4. We stayed in a B&B in America and I think they have them in Ireland so it might not be a totally British concept.

Thanks for the tip about Astrid.

sarah said...

What fun pics! I like your color choice for the sock. We have B&B's here in the US. I grew up in a vacation town in Massachusetts, and it seemed like there was a B&B on every corner. This is a really pretty one.

Seahorse said...

Great pics. I used to love wandering around London on hols and when I lived there briefly. It's a fantastic city.

jenknits said...

Beautiful pics! We have B&Bs in the USA too. I love the view of the sea. Makes me want to travel.

Mary Anne said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this tour of the countryside! Thank you. We have B&Bs in Canada too.
ps: was there always a Platform 9-3/4 or is that a recent addition since the HP books?
Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, kiddo.

scarletprincess said...

What an adventure! I don't think i'll be taking any knitting with me to london though tomorrow... I doubt they'll let me into a concert with knitting needles in case I became a violent knitter!!

lorinda said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely post! I was thrilled to see each picture, and your sock is wonderful. Fun adventures all around.

HPNY Knits said...

really enjoyed reading your post. lovely adventures.
we also have B&B here in the US. they can be quite lovely actually.
makes me want to travel to London soon.

Elisabeth said...

I've stayed at a few B&Bs here in the US. They're usually much more pleasant than staying at a hotel.

As a HP fan, I'm so jealous you saw platform 9 3/4 (though, I thought I saw an interview once with JKR in which she admitted she had remembered the train station wrong and there is no platform in between tracks 9 and 10?).