Sunday, September 24, 2006

I am an old fart

Just before the latest tonsils-off-on-a-jolly episode I went to Guides in my village for the first time (I've been a Guider with various other units around the country before). It was a bit in-yer-face, well a smallish church hall full of 47 girls aged between 10 and 13 generally is. But it was also enormous fun, and the other Guiders werre nice and friendly, so I'm going back next week. On a trial, as I want to make sure I can fit it in with work... But at one point I had this conversation with one of the other Guiders:
Her: "We're taking the girls to see Pink at Nottingham arena in November if you want to come."
Me: "Oh. That's nice. Er, what's Pink?"

It turns out Pink is some pop person who makes lots of loud noise at places like Nottingham Arena (if I'm going to be an old fart, I might as well say as many old fart things as possible). Scarily Pink herself (thank goodness for Wikipedia) is a month older than me, so I can't be that much of an old fart. She also spells her name with an exclamation mark "P!nk" (!) and one of her albums has a severe case of not being able to spell in the title "Mizzundaztood" (I mean, of course she's misunderstood if she can't spell properly!).

Yesterday I surpassed even myself for ditziness by going to knitting group WITHOUT MY WOOL. Duh!
This is the swatch I would have made yesterday afternoon if I'd remembered it. But which instead got done during last night's Casualty. (Do you think the little old lady knitting on the bus (STEREOTYPE?!?!! GRRR) will be impaled on the needles as the bus crashed?).

This is Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big which I bought from HK Handknit in Edinburgh. It's lovely to knit with, soft and strokeable and with fab stitch definition. I also got gauge straightaway!
I was also going to write a review of the latest book I've read "Natural flights of the human mind" and film I've watched (having rejoined Lovefilm last week) "Heaven" but I need to go and cook tea and make my packed lunch so I'll do that some other time.


Anonymous said...

Yes I do think there will be some "mishap" with the knitting needles in casualty. Is that morbid?
Hope you get your op SOON!

Anne said...

Well if you're an old fart, what am I? Maybe you're more of a librarian? ;-)

It's one of the joys of Greenbelt - you can wander past mainstage on your way to somewhere or other, and thereafter brag how you heard Daniel Bedingfield live... (not that I'm entirely sure that that doesn't match with old-fartness anyway)

(I rather like P!nk actually...)

Mary-Lou said...

Might actually be a knitting weekend on BBC, as Mrs Fairfax in Jane Eyre also knits (well she definitely does in the book, anyway!) - bound to be another sterotypical knitter then

Mary Anne said...

don't worry, you'll always be an old fart to someone younger, as I am probably to you, being almost 56 :)
I was sent this link to a knitting video on YouTube and hope it comes through ok:\ndex=3
Kind of longish but funny.

Steph said...

Hah - you've made my day! I've just had my 40th birthday & I love most of the stuff Pink does. So you can't be an old fart (yet) - you must have just been leading a sheltered life.. ;-)

Seahorse said...

Too funny! I am obviously totally hip as I've not only heard of Pink but can sing bits of some of her songs!

That yarn looks very yummy.

*wanders off, singing 'IIIII'm coming up, so you'd better get this party started...'*

Nic said...

LOL, you old fart!! See I have younger sisters to keep me up-to-date with all these bands.
Maybe have a toddler-like meltdown and demand that you need 27cakes for your next birthday?! Hey I have an ace idea....27fairy cakes!!!!
Sorry I have been sooo bad at keeping in touch recently and I was planning on coming to knit on Saturday then we started potty training Jack so that idea went out of the window.

Rain said...

Doh! for forgetting the wool. Have you seen the Gordon Ramsey advert?

Ooh do go see Pink, she's good.

acrylik said...

Glad you enjoyed Guides - and yes, do go and see Pink, it'll be a great concert! The Lana Grossa yarn looks lovely!

nanatoo said...

Ooh, yes, there's a lot of 'Pink' playing in our house (not my choice you understand but she's alright really)and I hope you have a great time :) I'm glad you enjoyed your first foray into being a Guider in your village. I think I would be exhausted!

Doesn't matter if you don't take wool to knitgroup, it's the talking that's the important bit ;o)

maylin said...

Oh dear, oh dear, I have been such a bad angel. Your package is still here awaiting posting. But tomorrow I promise sincerely I will send it priority (of course in France that does not mean alot). In my defence it has been a difficult week and then a weekend of Sock Wars (if you are not involved you wont understand the total obsessive nature of this). I was going to the post office this morning to post my assassination socks but my victim has still not provided her address and I am waiting in hopes it will come soon. But tomorrow I am definitely going out near a Post office. I know this all sounds like pathetic grovelling (which it is) but I do live very rurally.

BTW the NHs must suck you don't wait for treatment here.

~Silvia~ said...

P!nk is fab well worth a look see.
I am probably one of those oldfashioned knitters. I have always been taught not to knit in cars or on busses or on anything that moves basicaly ..incase of acidents

KnitYoga said...

Well, I like Pink! too and I'm not just an old fart, I'm a fart gone ancient!!

angie cox said...

Old Farts unite..I had no idea who Pink was either ( and am so glad..with a daughter into Mozart and Jazz would I?)I've never gotton over Joan Baez.

Badger said...

The Lana Grossa looks like it's going to knit up really nicely, it's a great colour too.

Lyonheart said...

lol @ Pink! You're not an old fart, your interests simply lie elsewhere! I love the colour of that yarn, what a gorgeous shade of blue.

Jamie said...

I actually like the P!nk that I've heard, so you might be surprised and enjoy the concert. Besides, for the most part, being an old fart is all in your head. I'm 41 going on 25 most of the time, even if I am a librarian. My knees, however, think I am well past 70-something. ;)

knihovnik said...

Nah, Pink's not exactly my cup of tea either - sorry, P!nk *rolls eyes* You should try to get them to go to hear Muse instead ;-)

Anyway, if you're an old fart what does that make me then?!