Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I just rang the hospital to mention that I would, perhaps someday, like to be parted from my tonsils and how much longer would it be? The waiting list is now at six months (it was three months when I saw the ENT person initially) AARRRGGGGGHHHHH.
So, I rang the Nuffield (private hospital in Lincoln) to see how much a tonsillectomy would cost. £1700. Hmm. Maybe not then.

(£1700?!?! It only takes 45 minutes! It's two little bits of bleurgh to chop off. Monkey could do it! Although I'm not going to let him.)

BUT the good news is that I've been given an "angel" for the One Skein Secret Pal exchange. My original spoiler bailed on me and I was feeling really fed up with the whole thing, but now I have an angel!! :-)


katarinaw said...

How annoying! I really hope you don't have to wait the full six months, that's ages! :(

Rain said...

Yay for angels!

I had to wait 15 months to see a specialist for him to tell me I needed an MRI scan. I could have cut out the middleman as I knew that to start with. Try not to get too frustrated - I hope it comes round quickly.

nanatoo said...

I'm really glad you now have an angel :) Something to look forward to!

Never let Monkey at your tonsils, even in your darkest moments. I warn you now ;o) I can only imagine how horrible tonsillitis must be.

Seahorse said...

That's really rubbish when you've waited an age already!

Hooray for the SP angel though.

Anne said...

Hurray for the angel, and boo hiss to long waiting lists. I hope the 3 months you've waited already counts?

Still, I'm going to be very selfish, and hope that that means you'll be coming to Cambridge sooner rather than later :-)

dreamcatcher said...

Glad you have an angel for the swap!

That's just Not Funny about the waiting list. As long as it's non-fatal it seems we have to wait until the cows come home for treatment!

blog-blethers said...

How frustrating for you ... waiting lists seem to last an eternity when you are in discomfort. Hopefully you get more positive news soon! And great news about your SP partner - we all need an angel at times, don't we?

Silvia said...

Glad you now have a swap partner.
Oh yes the NHS strikes again *sigh
BTW Cranberry looks wonderful

Badger said...

That's good news about the secret pal angel!

Waiting lists are crunty rubbish, hopefully it will speed up again and you'll be seen soon.

Piglottie said...

Glad you've got an angel for One Skein! And you have my complete understanding re NHS waiting lists being on one (for some time) myself! Here's to getting sorted soon.