Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mad deliveries

I'm having trouble with deliveries at the moment. Anne sent me a fab surprise parcel, which got delivered two doors down as I was out on Saturday - but the postman didn't leave a card so I didn't know it was there! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Although it was a nice surprise when my neighbour knocked on my door late on Monday night with it!

The parcel was a mixture of housewarming and to make up for not going to Greenbelt. So there is a Greenbelt tea towel (with a loop, very important as I only have a hook now for hanging up tea towels, and most of mine don't have loops, so a dull evening of loop-sewing beckons sometime), a VERY funny card, an echinacea and raspberry tea bag (to kill my tonsils stone dead) and the next two Theodora books (which Anne's read and is passing on, so if anyone wants to read after me, let me know!). Theodora is the Christian version of Bridges Jones and is very very amusing in a highly silly way. Much like BJ herself really.

Then my veg box got delivered (totally inexplicably) two doors up (ie the other way) to the Chinese takeaway on the corner of my road. Fortunately I got it back before they started cooking with it. More yum contents and I identified everything this time! No purple veg this time either (unless beetroot counts?). Mary Anne's post from last week contained a link to this blog, which has some wonderful veggie recipes (and highly tasty looking pictures) and knitting too.

And here is my knitting from last week in Edinburgh- 3.5 blanket squares! So only 44.5 to go then. I like the pattern, and there is a fair amount of variety in it to keep me interested. The squares themselves grew quite quickly (I would have got more done if there hadn't been such fantastic views from the train!). The yarn is James C Brett Kool Kotton.

I'm off to London tomorrow for a "recent graduate day" at the professional body HQ. I need to take my CV along to have it "checked" but am still thinking about how best to update it. I've added "knitting" to my skills section but haven't done anything else yet. I have decided what knitting to take for the train, however and which book to take along...
I hate careers type days. They always end up asking awkward questions, such as:
"Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?"

Preferred answer:
"Married with quintuplets"

Answer they're expecting:
"Running the British Library/doing something incredibly high-powered in management/ discovering a new way of doing something very scary involving computers, or taxonomies, or something like that"

And on a much more interesting topic - I've booked to go on Skip North in March and also arranged a B & B for during the Knitting & Stitching Show at Harrogate! So if anyone is going to be in Harrogate on the Friday, that's the day I'm going to be around!


nanatoo said...

I really like that tea towel :)

That throw pattern makes me think of the one that was in SK (but which was probably from a pattern book before that) which I loved and wanted to do. Having seen your squares I think it has to go on the list.

Nickerjac said...

Roll on Skip North its going to be a great weekend x

Rain said...

The throw looks lovely so far.

Bah for rubbish postmen! Thank goodness you got your veg box before they used it.

Seahorse said...

The blanket is going to be lovely.

Very jealous of you going to Skip North! I might make the Harrogate show but it would almost certainly be at the weekend, not friday :/

Mary Anne said...

so glad you got all your deliveries back safely!

The throw squares are quite beautiful and working up quickly. I do like the tea towel too.

KnitYoga said...

The throw's looking good. Glad you managed to retrieve your deliveries!

Lyonheart said...

What a pretty teatowel - I love it. Like your blanket squares, very pretty.

Badger said...

Posties do sometimes have unusual interesting delivery habits! The throw is looking good so far, keep it up :)

Veggies,Crafts & Tails said...

Thanks for your comments re: Veggies....I love your blog too.

Glad I stopped in for a visit.

Happy Weekend, G