Monday, May 19, 2008

Lopsided cake making and other things

So, I said in my previous post that I'd been doing some Sorting Out. I'm still not sure what I think about work, I am sure of what I think about where I'm living, so it seemed sensible to do something about that. I've found a one bedroom flat to rent, which is going to cost a disturbing amount of money each month (and that's before we get to the council tax...). The contract will be for at least six months, so I'm going to spend the six months trying to work out what I'm doing and why. And not buying yarn, books or anything but lentils so I can pay the rent.

I have Taken Some Action, as I'm aware of one time before when I had problems at work and problems where I was living (and the two were the same then) and ended up with depression, mainly because I felt so powerless and spent most of the time sitting around whinging and bursting into tears. Nobody took me seriously that time, so, although it was tempting just to sit around whinging this time, I arranged some meetings instead, got taken seriously and, even though the outcome wasn't totally what I wanted, at least I now have something to work with for a few months. I'm reading "The courage to connect: becoming all we can be" at the moment, which is about living deliberately, rather than by accident, and attempting to put some of that into practice.

And then I realised that I meant to post a book review or two from the books I took on holiday with me. This one is by Susan Kaye and is called "Frederick Wentworth, captain: None but you"

Yep, a tacky title. This is the first of two novels (the second is called "For you alone". Ick.) based on Austen's Persuasion, basically taking Captain Wentworth's point of view. Don't you just luurrrvve tacky Austen "sequels"?! This one at least read as though she'd done some research, although a few Americanisms did creep in and I doubt whether a woman of that class and period would have been on her own with a man in the woods, snogging. It's probably a bit overlong (bearing in mind that there's still the second book to go) as the author seemed to feel the need to fill in all the bits before Wentworth met Anne again. This first book only gets to the point when Louisa has gone splat after jumping off the Cobb. I'd recommend it as holiday reading, or if you want some amusement. Or if you're doing A Level English Lit and want to read something light and pretend its revision. (Or was it only me 10 years ago that read "I Claudius" pretending I was revising A Level Latin?). Disturbingly the one review of it on Amazon is by someone from Lincolnshire who gives it 4 stars...

I finally remembered to photograph (or rather, download from the camera) the Jaeger Aqua I bought in the Stash sale that sparked off the Chain of Events.

And I made a cake. This was for my boss's birthday and I teamed up with one of my colleague's to make a cake for her. It was Devil's Food Cake and was rather tasty. And of course it's normal to stir cake mixture with your eyes shut.

No knitting has been done since I went into London 10 days ago. Various things need finishing off and it's difficult to get it done when there's nowhere to sit that hasn't got a stinky dog near it. Nope the Daisy Dog still hasn't had a bath and now REEKS.


dreamcatcher said...

Glad you have made some positive progress, at the very least you'll not have to put up with a steenky dog!

acrylik said...

It's good to read that you have got a new place to live and that you have managed to make some progress with work, at least. It's good that you're taking these next six months to take stock, I hope that everything will become clear for you over that time. I know it will be tough on the finances front, but having your own space and feeling comfortable in your own home is worth it, I can vouch for that! And of course, it's a chance to re-visit some stash ;)

Seahorse said...

Good luck with Future Action Plans!

KnitYoga said...

The lopsided cake mixing is making me dizzy! LOL Hope things work out for you.