Monday, May 05, 2008

Troop movements

One of the more annoying aspects of life in Windsor is that random roads keep being closed for things like troop movements, presidents visiting and the Household Cavalry going for a good old march around. Today we had the Household Cavalry (including Prince Harry) marching around, plus hordes of tourists driving in to watch. Don't they know that SOME OF US WANT TO GET TO TESCOS TO DO OUR SHOPPING SO THAT WE CAN GET BACK HOME TO DO SOME KNITTING?!

Whilst on holiday I finally caught up with some podcast listening. I only got an ipod in January (and I'm still knitting Fiona thank you socks for it!) and October-November-move-preparation and December-February-lack-of-broadband meant I missed out on a lot of podcast updates. I've decided that, as with blog reading, I'm never going to catch up with the gap, so I'm just jumping in with fairly recent episodes.

Some seem to have disappeared but two of my favourites: Cast On and Lixie Knits It are still on the go. I was sad that KnitCast is having a break and BritKnitCast has finished, they were two I particularly enjoyed as well. Otherwise I've listened to a bit of Stash and Burn, which I enjoyed. The Continental seems to have stopped, although as both Kat and Sara have both just had babies I'm not surprised! Lime n Violet I'm still not sure about. I enjoyed the first few episodes, but now they seem quite long, and I seem to have trouble fitting in listening to something of that length, although it would be good for a long journey. Knitcast was the perfect length at about 15 minutes. I think there's a danger of podcasts getting too rambly unless there's a structure and some attempt to keep at a particular length.

I don't get much time to listen to them now, as living in lodgings means I tend to be subject to other people's taste in TV and radio in the living room, and I don't really want to spend more time than I have to lounging around in my (tiny) bedroom. And, lovely though it is only having a 10 minute walk to work, it does mean that I don't listen to anything on the way in, unlike when I had a 100+ mile drive! What I really need to find it a Thingy so that I can listen to the ipod through my car's stereo system. Then when I go travelling around at weekends I'll be able to listen to podcasts then. I'm in the middle of, ahem, exploring other accommodation options, as I'm beginning to think flatsharing was a bad idea, I'm a little too used to my own space these days and I have yet to find any potential flatmates who are interested in anything remotely resembling anything I'm interested in. Does nobody down here read books? Or listen to Radio 4?!?!

The episode of Cast On I listened to on holiday (episode 62 Heads Up) included an interview with Woolly Wormhead, which was fun, and reminded me that I haven't bought a copy of her book yet.

I got the crochet case finished that I started on the crochet workshop at GetKnitted back in March. Now I need to start something else quick so I don't forget how to crochet.

The entrelac bag is proceeding apace, the sides etc are now all knitted and sewn together

and the handle knitted and threaded through with the thickest cord I could find.

And now there will be a technical pause of a month until I next have use of my sewing machine so I can get the lining done. The sewing machine is in Newark (there's no table to use it on down here and nowhere to store it either). Hmm. I really need to find somewhere better to live...


Anonymous said...

The bag looks fantastic - the entrelac really shows off the colourways.

Queen of the froggers said...

Thank you for reminding me about podcasts, I used to listen but have got a bit distracted. Your knitting is nice.

Mary Anne said...

Your crochet case is adorable and I really like the entrelac bag.

I can understand your desire for a place of your own, or at least more space and privacy. I hope you find something that works better for you.

acrylik said...

Oooh, love your crochet case! I really like the way the entrelac has knit up, the colourway is lovely.

Good luck with finding a place of your own.