Sunday, January 04, 2009

This Christmas I learnt...

... that garlic crushers and Play-Doh make fantastic "hair". And purple and yellow Play-Doh mushed together make a muddy colour.

How much I've missed having a cat around. Sweep arrived from the rescue place to keep my Mum company a week before Christmas and is settling in well (apart from being terrified by my nephews). All attempts to convince him that he'd love to live in a small flat in Slough rather than a large house with garden in Lincoln have so far failed...

There were baby monkeys present at the birth of Christ. (I'm not convinced about this one, but Monkey said it was true).

And the frost on the top of my car looks very pretty. And I might not have been late for work if I'd got on with scraping it off the windscreen rather than taking photos of it.

I haven't read any blogs for over a fortnight - I had very limited internet access over the Christmas holiday and my laptop is really on its last legs now! However, a new one should be en route to me as I type!


Nic said...

LOL!! Did it make the play doh smell of garlic? You can actually get 'hair makers' for your play doh, hours of endless entertainment and if the parents who go to playgroup are anything to go by, they seem to appeal more to the adults than children ;)
I hope you've had a good Christmas and are looking forward to 2009!
Nic xx

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear from you again in Blog land! Sweep is adorable!
I know for a fact there were monkeys in the manger at the Birth of Christ. I'll disclose all later.
Happy new year!

blog-blethers said...

See! Creativity extends to garlic crushers too;o) How I miss playing with Play Doh now the girls are older:o(

Happy New Year to you and yours ... and hope that 2009 brings all you wish for.

acrylik said...

Oh wow, I used to love Play Doh as a kid :D I can just smell it now ;)

Looks like you had a fabulous festive time. Happy New Year!

littlelixie said...

Oh yikes, the cat looks just like our old one who was also called 'sweep'. Pulls at the heart strings! Happy new year!

Steph said...

Amzing frost pic!

mary anne said...

The frost patterns were so pretty, I can see why you were late for work!

Monkey would never lie so it must be true, what he said :)