Thursday, April 07, 2011

Garden at the beginning of April (or the explosion of the forget-me-nots)

The clocks went forward onto British Summer Time last weekend so I could finally take a garden picture on the first day of the month when I got home from work! Things have suddenly started growing a lot outside. We've had weather much more like May, than April (it got up to 20° at one point) so things are suddenly growing in all directions.

There's probably not a lot more visible in the picture below. I've erected some trellis behind the espalier apple in the raised bed and planted loads of snowdrops and bluebells, which won't really be visible until next Spring.

The raised bed suddenly sprouted LOADS of forget-me-nots, which I didn't plant and I can't remember being there last year, although there are a lot in some gardens nearby. They're kind of taking over.

Closer up the blossom forming on the standard apple tree is more visible. And the rhubarb growing well behind it.

And the salad leaf seeds I planted a couple of weeks ago are beginning to come through! And raspberries growing behind them...

I've had a really busy and rather stressful fortnight, most of which I can't blog about (yet), but I have done loads of knitting so I must do a knitting post soon.


Mary Anne said...

The garden is looking healthy and green! You have so many different plants growing; it will be fun to watch them progress through the seasons.

Tina said...

Finally spring is here as well as over at your place. Your garden looks great! This morning I had to take 3 fat snails out of my little "green tent" in which I have sowed salad and radish. My salad. My radish!