Thursday, October 20, 2011


Coincidentally I've taken the week off work, and it just happened to have my birthday in it! The OH has had a week off too, and we have been catching up on stuff at home, having a new wall built and things like that.

My birthday itself was cool, we went out for a meal the night before, as I had knitting group the evening of my birthday (you know, priorities).

We had a trip to the garden centre to buy spiky plants to plant along a boundary wall. This is me with the spikiest holly I have ever seen, it's called "Ilex Ferox" for good reason. Although it's English name is the rather cute "Silver Hedgehog Holly". It's to go with the (female) holly we've already got as this one is male.

And birthday presents! The OH bought me the slow cooking recipe book as I've had it out of the library for about 3 months now. And I asked for the other recipe book, the Dairy book of home cookery (as delivered by the milkman), as I used to use the previous edition of it, which belonged to my Mum, all the time.

My great aunts sent me the Archers Addicts map of Ambridge, which used to belong to my Gran, so it's come full circle now. I'm finding it very useful for the back story for some of the characters as I've been listening for about six years.

And a skein of Manos Wool Clasica and some homemade bath teabags from my brother and SIL (although I suspect she made them as I can't imagine my brother doing that!).

And, of course, lots of cards from friends around the world - thank you!

I've spent some time this week sorting out photos and catching up with blog reading. So there might be some more posts from me fairly soon.


nocton4 said...

hello my lovely, belated birthday wishes of love, health and happiness
enjoy xx

Mary Anne said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you, dear friend! Your gifts are lovely (I especially like the English name for that holly).

A Trifle Rushed said...

Happy Birthday, it sounds like a relaxing and perfect day:-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely birthday loot! I love the colors in the skein of yarn.

KnitYoga said...

Belated birthdat wishes. So sorry I'm late but it sounds like you had a good one! :-)

ShinyNewThing said...

Happy belated birthday! Sharon