Sunday, October 09, 2011

York (part 1)

I had intended to write a lengthy post about my second trip up north in September, when we went to York (and Newcastle) but haven't had time. Three weekends away or out meant I had a lot of gardening to catch up with last weekend, and I just haven't had time to sort all the photos out. But, we have another week's holiday coming up the week after next, when we're having a week at home, so I'll have time to sort out my pictures, and the knitting I've been doing, and garden at the beginning of October (and September, as I never got round to doing that one either!).

But I wanted to post a picture of these before any more time passes. The friend we saw whilst on holiday had knitted them for last year's Iron Knitter competition, but they ended up as the right size to fit me. Cool or what?! I get a very groovy pair of socks, the most intricate I've ever owned...

It isn't cold enough to wear them yet, but I will do as soon as the temperature drops some more.


Anonymous said...

Those are really fabulous socks!

Nic said...

Wow what fab socks!!
I know how you feel. I want a week off to catch up!!

Anonymous said...

Those socks ARE "groovy"!

By the way, you'll see all the details when you read my most recent blog post, but I've moved it--again! You can find a link to hte new one when you see that last post on the old site.


Secret Sheep said...

amazing socks!