Friday, October 21, 2011

Garden at the beginning of September... and October

The triffids have taken over!

Actually, this is part of the Frieze art fair, which I inadvertently wandered into in Regents Park last week. This is the biggest rose I've ever seen. There was also a thing that looked like an empty loo roll tube, but made of concrete and big enough to walk through.

As I missed September, here's the garden then...

And in October...

 Hmm, they don't look much different, do they? Autumn hasn't really got started yet here and we haven't had a frost yet, although it won't be much longer.

I read an article in the Independent about taking a photo of the garden in greyscale, as it makes you concentrate on textures and shapes rather than the colours.I like seeing the shapes of the bigger leaves on the hydrangea in the picture below, and the spiky leaves of the Phalaris Feesey (middle left). It works better if you zoom in on the picture!

I've been trying out some techniques for the first time.

These are some strawberry plants propagated from the runners from our one original plant, given to us by a friend last year. Unfortunately the barmy weather (that horrendously hot weekend at the beginning of October) made one of them flower and it now has fruit forming, which will be in for a nasty shock soon.

 These are a couple of sedums I Chelsea-chopped back in June. The darker pink one I didn't chop, the lighter pink I did. As you can see, the chopped one has grown a bit shorter so it hasn't flopped around all over the place. And it isn't flowering too far behind the other. This is something I'll definitely try again next year.

 These are the last of the raspberries and tomatoes.
We had a surprise package from my great aunts with some bulbs in. These are different varieties which I haven't grown before, from Fentongollan Farm in Cornwall. Ive planted them in the back garden.

And a close up of the Rudbeckia to finish.

Not long now until garden at the beginning of November!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, the tomatoes and raspberries look very good! What are you going to use them for?

You haven't had a frost yet? I think I read that a few places around here already had a first frost this week because of the cold front we've been under. It's going to warm up next week, but I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures while they last.

Mary Anne said...

Triffids! One of my favouritey books and that rose does look like one of them.

It's a great idea to record monthly so you can see the subtle and sometimes obvious changes through the seasons. I read that your October weather was beautifully warm, unlike our soggy coast (in between the sunbeams). You have some beautiful plants blooming there. Love the photo of the Rudbeckia!