Saturday, January 11, 2014

Flooding 2014

So, the year got off to a great start with more and more water heading down the Thames. There was some flooding in the area last year, but nowhere near as bad as this, and it felt like we'd had much worse weather last year too. These are some photos I took out and about in the last couple of days:

Staines Bridge is still open (unlike Chertsey Bridge) , but as you can see from the line of streetlights in the river, the Thames path is completely under water.

This is normally a lower platform thing with steps and ramps you can go down to have a closer look at the river. Last year the river went into the bottom of it, and part way up the steps, but this is nearly at the top!

This road's gone completely under water too. I drove through there three days before this photo was taken (in a car that had also broken down earlier that day!). Who ever parked their car down there wasn't very sensible... To the right of the picture is actually usually a park, rather than a lake.

This is the park. The mud in the foreground is actually a car park. The rest of it is usually grass, and that is the top of a children's playground you can just see sticking out from the water.

The river's still rising, so the flood levels will be up a bit more. We *should* be OK where we are...
 I've put more pictures of the flooding in my photostream.

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Sue said...

Oh no I hope you guys stay safe. Floods go into places you dont expect and I remember when we had flooding in Qld and how many people were stranded and all the damage that was left behind. I hope yours dries up soon and doesnt get any worse.