Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More flooding 2014

After the flooding last month, the waters went back down again and everything carried on as normal. Except the rain carried on, and more and more water piled down the Thames, and since the weekend the flood waters have risen again. It's been a lot worse this time, and several of our friends have had to leave their homes. Ours is absolutely fine, and we've just had a few problems getting to work (road closures and trains not running) but so far have been able to pretty much function as normal.

It has however been very strange seeing the area we live in plastered all over the news, and visited by every politician possible (wearing an array of wellies).

 This road leading to the park is becoming one with the Thames.

 Flooded multi-storey car park on the banks of the Thames.
 This is normally a semi-circular seating area on the banks of the Thames, but the river's now so high all the steps/seats are under water!
 The road under the railway bridge is now closed to traffic, although pedestrians can still walk that way as the Thames is only(!)  halfway across the road.
River Colne going through the Two Rivers shopping centre. It's usually well over a metre below this level. That's a good name for a shopping centre...

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Sue H said...

Really hope it doesn't get any worse for you - have watched the TV reports in fascinated horror; so many people suffering :-(

Although we have the Rivers Avon and Swift about five minute's walk away from us we've been OK as we're up the hill from the floodplain. I haven't ventured down to see conditions but I expect most of the fields are well under water by now. ....feel sorry for the people who've bought houses down there - we 'local's warned the planners about flooding but they went ahead and built anyway. The houses are OK, I believe, but the water must be seeping down into earth around the foundations setting up problems for the future.

Stay safe, warm and dry Daisy - hope it all clears up ASAP xxx