Thursday, January 01, 2015

Review of 2014

Meant to post this yesterday, the actual last day of 2014, but I was too busy playing with my new sewing machine...

 A year ago, whilst I was looking back and looking forward, I decided I wanted to complete more knitting projects, as I only managed 12 in 2013. 2014 was much better - 22 projects, including my four challenge adult size garments in 4ply, DK, aran and chunky weights. Mosaic created using Mosaic Maker. One of the two jumpers that are the same is actually a hat, but I couldn't find the picture of that...

On the stash front, I have done a lot of knitting from stash, and have only bought yarn for particular projects. The stash storage wardrobe is looking a lot better, with everything now fitting into boxes!

So, knitting-wise, I want to do more of the same with a similar number of projects hopefully. I enjoyed doing the garment challenge, and also the Ravellenic Games.

By the latter part of the year I'd also got more into sewing, and I want to do more of that too. Hopefully the purchase of the new sewing machine should help! ;-)

I think I also did more reading in 2014 as well, although I wasn't keeping as much of an eye on numbers in 2013 so can't compare. I haven't done my last 2014 post for this yet, but I read 24 books, so an average of 2 per month, which is pretty good going considering I no longer have a three hour commute every weekday in which to read!

Gardening - again, I'm pleased with progress this year. It's the first year in this house that I've felt on top of things in each season, and I also achieved my goal of having something in flower in every month of the year!

In terms of blog posts, I posted 55 times in 2014, the most in a year since 2006(!), and forty more than the previous year. Again, as with the increased number of knitting projects, I think this is because I stopped doing a lot of the voluntary work I had been doing in previous years, combined with working part-time, just meant I had more time available for crafting and blogging. I certainly feel better for it, as it was getting a bit stressful juggling all the things I was doing previously.

Here's to a lot more crafty activity in 2015! What are your goals for 2015?

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