Sunday, March 15, 2015

Big birdie skirt

At least three years ago (quite possibly more!) Hobbycraft opened a branch in Staines, and I purchased a Clothkits skirt kit with a discount voucher from the local paper. I got as far as cutting out the skirt pieces, then no further, and it was one of the things I intended to get on with when I moved to a part-time job (and that was only 2 years and 4 months ago!). And now I've finally finished it.

I love the attention to detail in the kit. The facings have little patterns on them too, even though they're inside the skirt. There is a cotton lining to attach (you can apparently choose a Liberty print lining if you order from the Clothkits website), so it was good practice in attaching all of that, as well as the zip. I made it a bit shorter than the suggestion in the kit, as I don't really wear skirts that are past knee length (bit impractical at work, which is mainly where I wear skirts).

And it's really cheerful!
I am so pleased with it. The kits are £39 on the Clothkits website (I think mine was about £22 with my voucher, as far as I can remember), which seems like a lot for a skirt, especially one you have to make yourself. But I think the skirts are comparable with Boden, where they tend to be £50+ or Laura Ashley, where they're £55+ (I get most of my work clothes from them, but in the sales...) so it's actually more like a bargain... Plus you get the fun of making it.


Sue H said...

Gosh - are Cloth Kits still going? I remember them from the late 1980's!

Still - this looks fab, well done for pushing on and getting it done! :-)

Una said...

My "local" Hobbycraft isn't very local so I only make an annual pilgrimage to it. I must take more notice of the sewing section next time I go. I love the colour of your skirt.

Iris said...

That skirt is super cute! Well done on the sewing too, it looks very professional. :)