Sunday, March 01, 2015

Garden at the beginning of March 2015

So, the first day of March was mostly bright and sunny (although ended up raining later on), and it definitely feels like spring is almost here. And, as it fell on a Sunday I was at home in daylight to take the pictures.
This shot doesn't look much different to the earlier months...

But the detail has moved on! The snowdrops are still in bloom, but they've been joined by cowslips.

The rhubarb has started to appear.

If you look really closely, you can see the first shoots of the dicentra appearing at the base of last year's stems.

Lots of crocuses opened up in the sunshine.

This is the Sarcococca Confusa (or Christmas Box), which has little spindly white flowers, and the most amazing scent. I've planted it in the front garden so people can smell it as they walk past!

Beginnings of a hyacinth poking through

And these are the first shoots of one of the sedums breaking through. I've just cut back last year's stems, which I leave in place over the winter so that insects can shelter.

What signs of spring are there in your garden?


Victoria said...

I love crocus! Looks much more like spring there than here. We have the last bits of snow still lingering in shady spots!

Evelyn Hender said...

Lovely photos :) I love Bleeding Hearts :) One of my seedums has started growing but not the purple one. I've only got crocuses and a single snowdrop flowering at the moment and no sign of other flower buds yet.

Una said...

My snowdrops and daffodils are lovely this year. My grape hyacinths will soon open and even my rose bushes are showing new growth. Sadly the weeds have started to grow as well. Warm weather is promised for next weekend, so I'm hoping to actually do some real gardening.

Mary deB said...

We are presently having a bit more snow, mixed with stuff like "freezing drizzle." Ick. So my front yard is still buried and nothing is blooming, budding, or looking green at all. I'm looking at last-minute Caribbean vacation websites!

Iris said...

It's so lovely seeing the garden come back to life, isn't it? I've been spending some time every morning, on my way to the car, watching the bulbs pop up out of the ground.

I'm anticipating a big vegetable seed planting session soon...