Monday, October 24, 2005

Birthday photos

Warning: this is a very materialistic post! Due to the problems with taking photos during the week as I'm out at work all the time and the amount of stuff I need to take photos of at the moment, I'm going to have a photo-crazy weekend and then use that material for the next few posts. So you won't get bombarded with all the pics at once!
Thank you to everyone who left comments and emailed with birthday wishes, I think I managed to reply to everyone whose email address I had but apologies if I didn't. It's a little crazy here in the evenings as I don't have email access at work so have to do all my work emailing in the evening as well as my knitting emailing (and my knitting!)

So, on to presents. The pics this time have come out rather blue. You wouldn't have thought I once had a job taking digital photographs would you?!

This is yarn. For those who didn't realise. From the left we have hand-dyed handspun chunky in a pinky/apricoty shade from Trefiw Woollen Mills. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I heard a rumour that this is the last mill-left-in-UK that still does the whole process. Surely that can't be right? Very scary if it's true. In the middle we have Opal sock yarn in the Rodeo pattern in blue from Mary Anne (thank you!). On the right we have 3 balls of Stylecraft Eskimo in a bluey/purple colour. All very very tasty and very very tempting, but I'm knitting Christmas presents at the moment. So if you see any photos of me knitting something with one of these please tell me off!

This is chocolate. Again for those that didn't realise. And a cat tray (there are two more but couldn't get them all in the pic).

This is Lambert, my sheepy from James (he's the one in the middle, Lambert that is, not James). To the left is a book of handmade paper - very cool. Not sure what I'm going to put in it yet, but it's very strokable. On the right is a book (really?!?!) A History of God by Karen Armstrong (who I heard talk at Greenbelt). I've been meaning to read this for a while.

And as a little break from materialism, here is a pretty picture I took at work on Friday, when I went for a wander at lunch time.

And after that, we return to materialism. On the left are some stitch markers from my Secret Pal. You may not be able to make them out, but four have little sock pictures on, and the fifth says "Daisychains". Isn't that cool?! On the right are some funky buttons from Penny. Not sure where I'll use them yet but they are exceptionally groovy!

That is it for materialism for today. There will be more later in the week as I also have a whole box of goodies from my Secret Pal to show off! PVP is blocked (again) but the weather has been too dull for a photo. The charity baby jumper is complete and will be despatched to Feed the Children on Wednesday. Work on the needles has now become complicated as it's all Christmas presents:
  • Misty Garden from Scarf Style in Jaeger Mohair Art for Mum. This can only be knitted just before I go to bed as Mum has an interesting tendency to burst into the flat without warning. (What happened to landladies having to give 24 hours notice?!).
  • Broadripple Socks from Knitty for my SIL in Regia cotton surf 4ply. These can be knitted at any time, except next weekend when the family is coming over.
  • Jumper in Regia 6 ply in colourway "Bonbon" for the nephew-sprog. Similarly this can be knitted at any time except next weekend.
  • It looks like I need another project for next weekend, doesn't it?! Chamonix jumper, Simply Knitting mini-skirt, woolly hat, more fingerless gloves, little hats for Age Concern...


KnitYoga said...

Lovely pressies, Katie! I also like the look of where you have your lunchtime walk. From the photo,it looks very scenic and peaceful.

Mary-Lou said...

Apologies in advance, you've been tagged! - see my blog for details, and of course if you'd prefer not to do it, or you've already been tagged, and I've not noticed, then that's fine too

Anne said...

Gorgeous stuff there - you have a good haul! Do let me know how you get on with the Karen Armstrong. I loved the Spiral Staircase - although I've stalled completely on the last chapter - not sure why. And the pic from your walk looks a bit like the view from your attic? Well done on doing the Feed the Children jumper - I want to do one myself sometime.

Mary Anne said...

Katie,beautiful pictures! I am in love with your sheepy! So cute and fluffy. The photo from your workplace is very peaceful.

Jess said...

nice pressies!

Anna said...

Happy belated birthday!!:)
Great presents, I love the stitchmarkers - NICE!!

Anna xx

Anonymous said...

Er, Katie.. (or any knitter) what's a stitch marker?

They did look quite cute.

FD xx