Sunday, October 02, 2005

Halfway Clapotis

Thought I'd provide a progress report, now that Blogger is allowing pics once again. My mittens are finished (at Knit Lincs yesterday):

Ready to wear at work tomorrow! This is from the Southern Cross Knitting website, here. I used up some more of my Opal handpainted 4ply (as used for the Crusoe socks earlier), the ribbing was on 2mm DPNs, and the rest of it on 2.5mm. Very scary for train knitting as you can be carrying 10 DPNs round with you!

After last week's splurge of train knitting Clapotis is now halfway:

This is fun! I suspect it would be a little repetitive if it was the only thing on the needles, but it's not, so it isn't (when does Clapotis fatigue kick in?). It also seems to be obligatory to include a close-up of the dropped stitch bits (from looking at other blogs), so here it is:

I'm afraid that I've been a little bit bad too. I was supposed to be starting Christmas presents etc, and a scarf for the Scarf Style Knitalong, but the Artyarns Supermerino from my lovely Secret Pal was just, too, well, lovely. So I wound it into a ball and started playing. I'm having a go at Lucy Neatby's toe up socks from the Cool socks, warm feet book.

Knit Lincs yesterday was ace, we had a new person - Jill, who could knit VERY fast. Wish I could knit that fast... Afterwards Jill and I walked over to Boyes to find some ribbon for Pretty in Variegated Purple. Boyes is amazing, the ribbon was only 30p a metre (compare John Lewis were you have to fork out for a whole reel). Jill also showed me the fabric section tucked away at the back. Tasty. Tasty. I acquired another row counter as well as the ribbon. I then wandered off to find a shop called "Oh Sew Simple" (no website) which had advertised in the last Simply Knitting. It was nice, but small and only stocked Sirdar and Wendy type stuff. I got some 2.75mm DPNs and a ball of dishcloth cotton (everyone overseas seems to knit dishclothes, yet I couldn't find any soft cotton over here. Everything seemed to be mercerised. Anyway, I've found it now. Dishclothes, here I come, after I've done the socks, Scarf Style, Christmas presents, Chamonix jumper etc).

Still haven't attached the ribbon to PVP but it will get done this week. Mum is about to go on holiday (first time since Dad died, so it's going to be weird) so there will be no one to take my piccy wearing it for another week or so. You will just have to be patient.

The Radio 4 Northanger Abbey dramatization finished this afternoon, whilst I got the ironing done (look at my halo!). I've really enjoyed this, and have actually remembered to listen to all of the episodes. But WHAT is going on in the Archers at the moment?

Also, Mary Anne spotted that the sheep from my Secret Pal is no ordinary sheep. I thought it was just a cute sheep, but it actually turns out to be a cute sheep that's really a tape measure! You pull its tail and away you go to measure your clapotis!

I've cleared out a few books and put them on Green Metropolis. Go and have a look, they've got loads of stuff there!


Heather said...

Love the mittens! They look really useful and a great colour.

Afraid I can't help with the Archers as I haven't listened to it most of this week, all the drama with Emma and Ed sounded a bit too much for me! Did you hear the book of the week that has just been? Miles Kington but I have forgotten the name of the book, and it was absolutely hilarious, definitely worth a listen again.

Nic said...

Green metropolis looks like a really good site. I've just gone and listed a load of books too. Lets hope they go because its there or the charity shop.

Love the mittens too. I could do with some, my hands are freezing at the mo but then I'm the tight person not switching the heating on ;o)

Boyes-I love that shop. I come from a village between Grimsby and Louth and have always loved a good rumage in theat place. I'm moving back there when my house sells (in wales).


Anne said...

Mittens look gorgeous - and I'm beginning to get the point of Clapotis (you can tell I'm going to have to make one for myself can't you...) - it looks fun to knit.

Must ditch some books too - I've sold some through Amazon before, but not tried Green metropolis.


C x said...

I love gloves and mittens. I've just finished my first pair of socks and now you have inspired me to use the remaining yarn for some mitts. Yay.

Tracy said...

You've been really busy, love the mittens.

KnitYoga said...

I'd never heard of Green Metropolis. Looks really interesting - thanks for the link. The mittens look great and your clapotis is really coming along!

Mary Anne said...

Very nice mitts, Katie. I love the colourway. Your Clappie is looking cool and you've made a lot of progress. I've been listening to Northanger Abbey and I'm enjoying it very much. Hey, I'm glad I mentioned that sheep. I thought it might have a tape measure in its bottom :)
Mary Anne

Jess said...

Those mittens are lovely!

Heather said...

(the Doodles one!)

At least Horrible Hazel is out of the Archers again now - for a while, at least. Her venom and Emma and Ed's star-crossed lovers bit has been too much to bear!!

Great mittens :)