Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lovely weekend...

I've just had a lovely weekend with my DB. :-) Hardly any knitting got done, but we did go for a wander around Lincoln in the beautiful sunshine of yesterday (including the sausage festival, although that seemed rather carnivorous for my liking!). We also watched Downfall, not an enjoyable film, but very thought-provoking. It covers the last days of Hitler, and his decline as he's still convinced the Third Reich will be victorious until the very last minute. It's chilling, and unpleasant in places, especially when a mother kills her children, which I found hard to watch.

Thanks to all the people who left comments/emails. I did succeed in hiding all the knitting from the people who were receiving it! Here are some pics of progress so far:

This is the back and part of the front of Noah's jumper. The pattern is from the Regia Kreativ leaflet no. 37 and uses Regia 6ply Crazy Color. It's a straightforward stocking stitch knit, but the colours make it fun. I also perfected my reading and knitting simultaneously technique last week on the train whilst doing this pattern!

This is the very beginning of the Broadripple sock for my SIL's Christmas present. The yarn is Regia 4ply cotton surf from Black Rock Creek Sheep Farm in the US. They advertised a special deal on the Socknitters Yahoo group (only $3 shipping from the US for enough yarn to make 5 pairs of socks!) and were very friendly and helpful to deal with. This is also where I got the Regia 6ply for Noah's jumper from.

Finally, here is progress so far on Misty Garden from Scarf Style. This is Jaeger Mohair Art (from the John Lewis sale in London the summer) and will be Mum's Christmas present. The pattern uses a variegated mohair (Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Kid Mohair) but I like the effect in the plain colour Mohair Art, and this colour works well too.

There probably won't be much blogging (or knitting!) this week, as I have 3 days working in Derbyshire, 1 day in Lincolnshire and 1 day in London. So bye for now!


KnitYoga said...

So glad you had a nice weekend with DB, Katie. :-) Your knitting is all looking very well. Love the colours in the jumper for Noah and the Misty Garden scarf looks lovely. Your Mum is going to love it!

Anne said...

Yum - I love Noah's jumper - how relaxing having all those gorgeous stripes with no ends to weave in! Have a good week,


happyspider said...

Noahs jumper is gorgeous - arent striped just the happiest thing in the world to knit? especially with no end-weaving, anne, i agree.
everything looks lovely, and you seem to be restraining yourself from knitting your birthday gifts into other peoples christmas presents which deserves extra kudos :)

Iris said...

Noah's jumper looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

I have yet to watch 'Downfall', but my father watched it recently on German tv and told me about it. He was also very impressed with how the subject was handled, and I remember that even when he was just telling me about it, the scene when Goebbels' wife kills their five children made my blood run cold. It is just unimaginable how twisted a human beings can become.

I will have to watch the film at some point, but the subject matter is so sinister that it isn't really something you look forward to doing after a day of work...

Nic said...

The jumper looks lovely! I want to play. I keep meaning to ask if you ever got the wool from Texere for that skirt? They are fast running out of it so it looks like I'm destined to not make it for a while yet with all these christmas pressies to make.

Jess said...

nice knits! I agree, the mohair art looks really nice in that pattern.

Mary Anne said...


I'm happy you had a nice weekend with your DB! Noah's sweater is gorgeous and I love the colourway. Your scarf is a beautiful shade also.
Don't work too hard this week. I hope you get a little knitting time.

Andrea said...

Oooh - guess what I have in my stash that I have been at pains to decide what to do with? Some red Mohair Art and guess what I have on my bookshelf? Scarf Style! Think I will be doing the misty garden scarf - you bet! Thanks for the idea.

On another note - I'm so sorry to have missed your birthday. Work has been so busy lately I have been missing from blogland and have just spent my first day off in ages catching up. It looks like you had a great time & got lots of knitterly related gifts. Happy Belated Birthday.