Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Clapotis takes a bath

And that's a "bath", OK, not a "barth", I no longer live down south! Don't worry I did suggest that she washed behind her ears, dried between her toes etc. Here she is:

I finished her off whilst watching Neighbours and Doctors at lunchtime. Not that I was watching daytime tv obviously, but it's always good to have something in the background whilst knitting. Anyway, Doctors had the most improbable storyline yet (even by their usual standard), involving the receptionist taking the upset person off to the staff room to have a nice cup of tea and a chat. When have you ever seen a doctor's receptionist who's not rushed off his/her feet? Of course there was no one else in the waiting room, but then there never is, unlike when you go to the real GP. I have an appointment with a real GP tomorrow (I can predict he'll say "You have tonsillitis, go home and take paracetamol!") so I will compare real life with fiction. Already I failed to get an appointment within the 48 hour thingy... I know, I know, I could just stay at home and take paracetamol, but I need a Dr's certificate for work!

Here is Clapotis reclining in the conservatory on my spare bed (mattress). She's a bit wonky, but I decided I wasn't too worried as it won't be noticeable once she's in action. Look at all those lovely dropped stitches.

Mum is due back from Moscow tonight. I hope she had a good hol. I've been running around clearing up the debris that is me when I've expanded into two homes. Sooty is being an absolute pain. He spent all yesterday whinging about his leg and dragging his bum across the floor as though he had no umph left. Then, late afternoon, he went brawling with another cat, and from the look of him fighting, it was hard to tell he has a leg missing, let alone that he's ancient and arthritic! I suspect he's missing Mum.

This plopped (nice word) through the letterbox this morning. The special issue from Interweave Press, called "Knitscene". I ordered it a while ago whilst browsing on their website and it's just been published. Haven't had a proper look yet, but it seems interesting. I'll sit down with a cup of tea and some ice cream (sore throat medicine) in a minute and look properly. I'd already noticed that one of the patterns was featured on You Knit What?? yesterday!

So, what does the future hold in knitting terms? This is what I still have on the needles:
  • Artyarns second sock (yummy scrummy).
  • Final sleeve of charity baby jumper (how long has this been hanging around now?!)
  • Nearly finished swatch for Simply Knitting skirt which I'm still not sure I want to make. Like the swatch though. The next issue of Simply Knitting is due out on Thursday so I might wait and see if anything really grabs me in that. Or in Knitscene once I get sat down with my ice cream.
This is what I want/ need to get started:
  • Chamonix jumper (for me, so probably shouldn't be a priority).
  • Socks for Christmas for family.
  • Scarf of some description (from Scarf Style?) for Christmas present.
  • Hot water bottle cover for Christmas present.
  • Cute little woolly hat bottle tops for Age Concern.
  • Woolly hat and more fingerless gloves and armwarmers for me (a priority because my attic is FREEZING and it's only October! I need more than one pair cos they get covered in book dust but at least the sock yarn I'm using is machine washable.
I suppose at least if I start a scarf I can join in the Scarf Style KAL too... Should also be suitable for train knitting later this week (assuming the paracetamol/ice cream treatment does the trick). However the socks could do with being started too as there are more of them.

Ooh yes, my SP sent me a cool link yesterday for a Christmas washcloth pattern. Now I've found dishcloth cotton I can make it!

Right. Ice cream here I come!


Anne said...

So glad to know you speak proper - as a good northern lass myself, I still speak my mother tongue, despite being marooned darn sarf.

How's that ice cream worked out for you?

KnitYoga said...

Love the clapotis and, yes, the dropped stitches do look amazing! I think I've become an addicted stitch dropper since making mine. I want to do another and another and . . . Yes, hailing from the North East, I used to say bath and not barth, too. I've been down south so long now though I've become "one of them". The most embarrassing thing is that you get so used (sub-consciously) to lengthening your vowels, you end up saying things like gars instead of gas which makes you sound terribly pawsh!

Nic said...

Glad you talk properly ;o) I get laughed at for saying bath and my other half claims that the reason why our 2yr old can't talk yet is because he has to learn to speak northern and southern.
Hope you're feeling better soon and that the doctor is helpful.
About doctors receptionist-when do you ever find a friendly one?? All the ones I know think they are the doctor and give me a spanish inquisition when I ring up to ask for an appointment.

happyspider said...

hey clapotis looks fab!
im an aussie girl, and if you are ever on a cliffhanger neighbours episode, give me a buzz, im sure i can ease your pain. we must be a few months ahead of you over here. whats happening this week?

blueadt said...

You could try & reduce Sooty's food a bit to make him hungry & keen. But if he's old he may just whinge & demand more rather than earn his keep.

Jess said...

I missed today's episode because I was trying to be good (mind you I am escaping from my writing to read blogs... ooops). That receptionist is highly unlikely.... bet you don't get a cup of tea tomorrow! Good luck.