Friday, May 12, 2006

Great Northern Needlefest

Today Mum disappeared off to Harrogate to the Great Northern Needlefest, on a bus stuffed full of other ladies. I didn't get to go as she and my godmother booked ages ago, and I was meant to be at work today. Except I'm off with tonsillitis (which is very nearly better) and spent the day trying to get Jobcentre Plus to process my benefit claim and tracking NI contributions through all my previous jobs (fun. Not. This aspect is the downside of self-employment, most of the time it's lovely. Must remember that). And trying to find a B & B for next week after the one I booked cancelled.

Then in the afternoon the most unearthly caterwauling was heard, I shot outside to see what was going on and discovered that Sooty had somehow managed to corner another cat in the corner of the garage (underneath piles of junk). I have no idea how he managed this as the other cat looked considerably younger and fitter than him, and was also blessed with its full complement of legs. Getting them out involved shifting half the junk so I could pick Sooty up (I wouldn't pick most cats up whilst they're spoiling for a fight, but Sooty is a soppy whatsit & probably secretly quite glad to be rescued). The other cat scarpered, Sooty looked very annoyed and insisted on going outside in the thunderstorm to try and track it down. Then he looked surprised that he was absolutely soaked through. I gave him a lecture on how he should behave like the pensioner he is these days, but I doubt any of it went in.

Meanwhile, back in Harrogate, Mum reported that there were a few knitting stalls (grrrr) but it was mainly quilting and cross stitch. She brought back leaflets for these places, which I think look quite good:
Bags of Handles -
- they have every conceivable type of handle you could ever need, plus some beads and examples of bags made up with their handles.
Sew Good Books

Must remember am on a yarn diet until the move is underway. Except we're going on a Knit Linc trip to Yarn next week. Oops.


Mary Anne said...

Sorry you didn't get to the needlefest but it's good that your tonsils are starting to behave. That Sooty, what a character. He certainly made your day interesting!

CatR said...

Oooh! That bags of handles website is a gem. Glad I stumbled accross your blog.