Sunday, May 28, 2006

Loads of news

I now have another nephew! Dylan Jonathan was born yesterday (Saturday) at 5.40am weighing 8lb 14 (ouch). I haven't met him yet as they were all a bit tired yesterday (can't think why) but Mum and I are going over tomorrow, as it's bank holiday Monday. This delay meant I had time over the weekend to get the little hat and one sock done.Hopefully I can finish the other sock off tonight. Isn't the little sock cute? Although I'm sick of Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn...

I've been reading blogs written by librarians, these are the best so far (well, apart from my blog obviously! ;-) ):
Well dressed librarian

and read two books this week (both from the library).

London Born by Sidney Day is an account of a boy growing up in London around the time of the First World War. Sidney himself can't read or write so the book is by his grand-daughter. Sid spends most of the time bunking off school, getting involved in petty crime, avoiding fighting during the Second World War so he can be there for his wife and daughter. He seems to hop between informal jobs and the descriptions of poverty during the inter-war years are very thought-provoking.

Freakonomics is an off-beat book about economics. Although that sounds a bit scary, it's very readable (and thought-provoking, but in a different way to London Born!). It really changes the way you think, and the way you look at statistics (which is more dangerous - a gun or a swimming pool? What was the impact of US abortion law on violent crime? etc etc). I'd highly recommend it, if only because it'll make you stop and think about things (anything) you've taken for granted.

My One Skein SP has sent me my first skein early! It arrived yesterday morning (in time for me to take it to Knit Lincs). It's 100g of 100% wool from the Knitting Goddess (an Ebay store) in gorgeous colours. Plus a handmade card and some cool glow-in-the-dark stickers. Thank you SP!

On Friday I paid the deposit on my house and we've set a completion date of 16th June! It's only four weeks now since I first saw it, so things are moving really fast. I also had a rep from a removal company round to assess my stuff and give me a quote. He didn't seem at all intimidated by the bombsite in my flat - supposedly I have 22 boxes worth of books and the yarn didn't scare him at all! The move itself is going to be in early July so plenty of time yet...

This is the scene of devastation in my living room at the moment. I think part of the problem is that it doubles as a study and dining room and general living space. In the new house there are separate rooms for all of this which might make me more organised and tidier (!). All the carrier bags on the floor have WIPs in and yes, that really is Monkey lying drunkenly on the arm of the sofa. That's what happens when you eat too many bananas. You have been warned...

Claire - I haven't forgotten you tagged me and I will divulge the contents of my knitting bags sometime soon!


Marie said...

of dear, you're moving house. I've done that about a zillion times, and it's a nightmare every time - you have my deepest sympathy!

Mary Anne said...

Congrats on the new nephew!! I love the name too. That sock is adorable.

I noticed Monkey lying flat out on the sofa arm right away. My first thought was he had been helping you pack and was exhausted, but then I see it's from indulging in too many bananas :o)

Thanks very much for the links to the librarian blogs and the book reviews. I like knowing this stuff.
mary anne

Seahorse said...

Congratulations on Dylan's arrival!

No rush to see the knitting bag - I liked seeing a glimpse of your living room! I was trying to home in on the books but the pics aren't big enough, lol!

All the Way With Knitting said...

My living room always looks like that unless we are having visitors then I tidy up ...Monkey really over-ripe bananas again!

ADHD Librarian said...

I'm one of the best?
I'm a happy happy librarian now.