Friday, May 19, 2006

In which I delude myself about the yardage in a ball of Magic Stripes

In my last post any sensible knitters would have noticed that there really wasn't a lot of yarn left for the baby cardi. I kept being very optimistic (in an ostrich-like way) and thinking I wouldn't run out, but of course I did (the pattern is for Opal, and I was using Magic Stripes, which has about 100m less per ball). Thankfully Julie at Banyan Tree yarns came to the rescue. She had Magic Stripes in the same colourway in stock and sent me another ball very quickly (she also charges actual cost of postage, so you don't end up having to pay an expensive flat rate just for one ball). Very impressive service, although the yarn arrived in see-through packaging - very dangerous when there are postmen, Mums and Monkeys hovering around.

No pics of the cardi yet I'm afraid, I'm just back from a few days in London & Chelmsford. The meetings yesterday went very well (phew) and I have some ideas for how to improve things for next year (which is a 3 day event, this year's was only a day! Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!). I took my Magic Loop Trekking XXL second sock to do on the train. On the train between Chelmsford and London yesterday I sat with two of the men who'd been at the meeting. I got my knitting out once we'd sat down. They both spent the journey very obviously trying to avoid looking at it, which I thought was hilarious! Maybe they couldn't cope with me talking to them and knitting AT THE SAME TIME!!

J loved the catnip mouse. I have one very bad pic (forgot to put the flash on), but I think you get the idea:

Also, I found this blog, Katy Did Knits, this week. Not only does she have some beautiful knitting (and other crafts) on display, but also provides an Excel spreadsheet to organise your yarn stash on (and therefore give yourself a heart attack). If you scroll down the sidebar of her blog quite a bit, it's there under "My patterns and stuff".

Bedtime now I think. We're off to Yarn in the morning! Tee hee hee...


All the Way With Knitting said...

You were knitting in full view of men !!!...quick get me the smelling salts .Love the cardigan so glad you got the yarn.Angie

Annarella said...

What a lovely service you got there from Banyan Tree. Can't wait to see more of the cardi :)

scarletprincess said...

What a relief about the magic stripes! i've done something similar before now.
Just thought I'd say thanks for your post on Kool-aid dyeing! I bought a dye-your-own kit after seeing your bash at it and really enjoyed it!

jess said...

te he, you made me laugh about the guys and you knitting! do they think knitting needles are to men like kryptonite to Superman?