Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Thank you to everyone who posted last week to help me identify the squash in my veg box delivery! This is the remains of the spinach:

I knew I'd be away for the weekend, and the spinach was the thing most likely to go off so I turned it into soup (with potato and leek too). This went in the freezer (well, a portion of it went in my tummy first). I've found both the BBC recipe finder, and the Waitrose one, to be very helpful, allowing you to search for only veggie recipes and by cooking/preparation time too.

This is the reason I was away for the weekend:

David's cat Jenny needed catsitting, whilst he was in Toronto (nice yarn shops there!). Jennie and I had a very nice weekend. She is the perfect cat for a knitting companion as she is blind. So she sits on my knee purring away, but can't see the yarn, so doesn't try and chase/eat/attack/kill it! Being in London with Jennie, meant that it was very easy to visit Maidstone on Saturday to join the Maidstone knitters for their meeting:

It was fab to meet some more knitters, including Hazel and Mary-Lou (whose blogs I've been reading for ages but this was the first time we'd met!) Hazel and I had lunch beforehand (thank you Hazel!!). Mary Lou had brought along various of the new season yarns to feel and squeeze. They all look very very very nice (and sensibly priced too!)

Then it was back to work on Monday (I didn't even get home on Sunday in time to do any washing! Oops) and members of the public from hell. Maybe I have too high expectations, but people always seem surprised when they see me working and they ask what my job is. Or they think I'm doing a college project (I usually shut them up by telling them it took me 6 years to qualify as a librarian!). No, I don't dress in a smart suit etc etc because my job is grubby and strenuous and requires ladder climbing and book carrying with bits of 300 year old books dying on my t shirt. And no, not all librarians work in public libraries (which is the other false perception). If I'm not careful I start to go off on a rant about it. I'm sure other professionals (teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants etc) don't get so many bonkers assumptions as librarians get. But I'm sure someone will prove me wrong in the comments!

So, anyway, instead of tearing members of the public into small shreds, I took myself of on a 2 mile wander round the lake. Or "pond" as it is called:

Shame I didn't have my Hedera socks with me, as it could have counted for Trek Along With Me! But I did say hello to some sheep.
Doing this made me much more cheerful as it always reminds me that I used to work in London and couldn't go for a walk like this in my lunch hour!

There will be more knitting content in my next post (I need help deciding what to knit at Greenbelt!). And there is also my Knit-In housewarming party to look forward to on Saturday!!
To provide a little bit of knitting content - these are the Fetching gloves which I made for my One Skein Secret Pal. I hope she likes them. The yarn is Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK. The pattern is great, fun to knit and very quick so virtually instant gratification!


Anne said...

So what were the stoopid comments the members of the public were making? (Go on, have a rant...) Remember that in the Librarian quiz I scored as "having the look" - now I'm apparently even going to have to revise what that means...

Seahorse said...

Ah yes, members of the public! My 'favourite' (not!) when I was still working as an archive conservator was people who mistook me for a recycler. No, not QUITE the same!

Jennie looks very sweet. Hope David is bringing you back some Canadian yarn as a thankyou!

The Fetching hand warmers look lovely. They're on my 'to do' list.

katarinaw said...

How wonderful of you to catsit! And what a dear kitty!

Piglottie said...

Fetching look great! I love learning about all the knitting groups you go and visit - lucky you.

(PS: Try being a school librarian, its even worse and a lot of 'proper' librarians even look down on you!)

All the Way With Knitting said...

Jennie is is agony waiting for our kitten to be ready to leave his breeder so any cat pictures along the way help.

Mary Anne said...

The public - yes, they can be a handful at times. I'm glad you were able to have your nice walkie and the sheep photo is excellent. I'm sure your pal will adore the Fetching gloves.

Annarella said...

Mmmm yummy soup! Nothing like a earthy home made soup to lift you up.

Sounds like you had a lovely time cat sitting, she seems a wonderful kitty!


Lyonheart said...

Wow, what a lovely place to walk in your lunch hour, that would let anyone calm down. Could do with some of that yummy soup just now . . .
Gorgeous cat, btw - and love the handwarmers, the recipient will be delighted.

knit only but also said...

People are a bit wierd when it comes to what they think librarians are/do aren't they? I had a huge issue with a teacher at my oldest sons school last year when she said that she thought librarians job was unskilled and assumed it was done by people who couldn't handle life. I made it very clear that was what most people assumed about teachers and just how long had it taken her to train for a classroom of teenagers? She got all snotty and said she had a degree to which I replied I didn't know of any librarians these days with just the one. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Once my son explianed what I did she went all quiet and on the retreat. But hese crazy people are about. Love the wrist warmers - am planning them once I have decided a colour.

KnitYoga said...

The soup sounds wonderful and nutritious. It really was great to meet you at last and I wouldn't worry about people's misplaced assumptions. I think members of the public tend to have misconceived assumptions about lots of subjects and the important thing is that you know you're a librarian and that it took you all those years of hard study to get to where you are now.

The Fetching fingerless gloves look great and I'm sure they'll be much appreciated.