Sunday, August 06, 2006


I got more knitting than normal done this week because, yes, once again, I had tonsillitis. This time I didn't muck about with antibiotics (have not yet registered with a GP here anyway, as I'm due to have the tonsillectomy back in Lincoln and I didn't want my medical notes going walkabout before I'd had the op. Speaking from experience, it generally takes 6 months for medical notes to get between one GP and another when you transfer as they always get lost en route.) Instead I spent the week with my feet up, knitting and reading, eating ice cream, taking echinacea and drinking honey and lemon. Much more fun and also got rid of the tonsillitis much quicker than taking antibiotics ever has! I thought it might get lonely being ill at home on my own, but I actually rather enjoyed myself (weird or what?!). I had plenty of food in the new (ha!) freezer so didn't worry about cooking anything elaborate.

So, I started off the Lavender and Lace pattern from Simply Knitting (May, I think? issue). Maybe I should have started knitting summer clothes a little earlier than the first week of August? It never really crossed my mind until the new Rowan (autumn/winter!) stuff came out last week! The yarn I subbed with Patons 100% cotton 4ply which I bought in the Designs sale last year (see, I am using up stash!)

By Saturday I felt more alive and trundled off down the road to Sleaford for Knit Lincs at the Hub. The Hub people had moved the cafe around and made it a lot bigger, with armchair/settee things to sit on as well as the usual tables and chairs. So we made the most of the facilities. And the ample quantities of homemade cake.

On Sunday my entire family appeared for lunch (which fortunately Mum brought over from Lincoln as I'd emptied the freezer by this stage).

Noah decided to try out the bird bath.

This week I also finished reading "The Constant Princess" by Philippa Gregory. A fun and interesting read. It follows the life of Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII, and looks at her earlier marriage to his older brother Arthur, and her subsequent marriage to him. The powerlessness of Tudor women really came across, she was just a pawn between her parents in Spain and the Tudor throne in England. Plus the lack of medical knowledge I found amazing, especially when it was compared to the vast knowledge from the East in the Muslim world. I suppose it was often the small details that made me really enjoy the book, as well as Katherine's efforts to get what she had felt she'd been born for - to be Queen of England.

I have changed my Librarything sub in the sidebar - it now lists all the books I've read since sometime in the Spring (that I could remember!), this includes books I own and books I got from the library. I'm going to attempt to remember to upload book reviews to their website as I finish books too.


Mary Anne said...

Oh no, those tonsils of yours are being very silly. I'm so glad to hear you were able to heal with natural products and rest (although I'm sure the ice cream had a lot to do with it). I hope you keep feeling better each day.

The Lavender & Lace design looks gorgeous and I love the colour and yarn you chose.

Thanks for the info. on the book. I like reading book reviews and getting a heads-up from others.

Piglottie said...

Love the colour of the yarn for Lavender and Lace. Fingers crossed that there are no pattern problems. Glad you are feeling better and hope you get to have the op soon. Take care.

Nickerjac said...

Glad you are feeling better am about to start a top myself in the patons cotton, I love to knit on this stuff its as good as any other cotton and there colours have improved no end

Fred said...

Did you ever manage to see the BBC Six Wives of Henry 8 series starring Keith Mitchell? It had Annette Crosbie playing Catherine.

rachel said...

I just finished listening to The Constant Princess - listening means I can knit at the same time! I enjoyed it, it gave a very different side to Henry's first wife to the one so often portrayed.

Seahorse said...

Glad you showed the tonsilitis where to go! The top is going to be gorgeous in that colour.

I've read Gregory's 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and 'The Queen's Fool' and quite liked them. I will look out for 'The Constant Princess' too.

Mary-Lou said...

Sorry to hear about the tonsils, but great for catching up on knitting time! The colour you've chosen for the Lavender & Lace top is really lovely

KnitYoga said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better and you didn't have to resort to the antibiotics! Love the colour of the yarn you've chosen for the Lavender and Lace top.

susoolu said...

Not again - maybe you should get a ticker counter, showing the days until the op. But Lavender & Lace looks like it is compensating beautifully.

Good call on the ice cream - I remember being so jealous when my brothers had their tonsils out (many, many years ago), and their getting to eat ice cream for days on end.

Badger said...

The colour for the lavendar and lace is lovely.

Hope your tonsils get sorted soon :)

Lyonheart said...

Hope you continue to recover - I agree re the length of time it takes to get your records from one gp to another. I moved house three months ago but was advised to put off changing docs till things were more settled health wise for that reason.
I adore the colour you are using for lavendar and lace and doesn't Noah look as cute as anything in the bird bath?