Friday, September 30, 2005

Secret Pal Goodies!

My Secret Pal is ace, she has definitely got me sussed. These are the lovely things I received earlier this week:

Burt's Bees body lotion, which I have been eyeing up in Planet Organic for a while. Now I get to try it as I would probably never have got round to treating myself (how did my SP know that?!). The card is from a project local to her where the Bible is being done in calligraphy and with new illustrations (see what I mean, she's definitely got me sussed!).

The box was full of tissue paper, making it really exciting to open, as there was no way of knowing what/how much was in there! Next out were these three things. Little metal charms for me to make stitch markers with. These are really cute - little metal balls with needles in, flowers, leaves and tiny jumpers on needles. The sheep is lovely - BAAAAAAAA! And Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason soundtrack CD (from my Amazon wishlist!). Another thing I'd been waiting to treat myself too. I've been listening to it all afternoon whilst working. :-)

Then out came this gorgeous yarn - Artyarns Supermerino. Very very tasty indeed. I'm going to make socks with it. Has anybody else made socks using this? The needle size on the ballband suggests US 7 (4.5mm) but I would have thought about a 3mm would be about right for a sock? This is a really groovy colour - great choice Secret Pal!

And finally, Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. Again, this shows how sussed my SP is, it combines my sock knitting addiction with my love of history! The patterns in the book are updated/adapted from Welden's Practical Needlework, a monthly publication between 1886 and the 1920s. Nancy's new version contains a brief history of knitting stockings. I found it fascinating that so many of the patterns still look totally cool today. The book contains a variety for men, women and children and I can't wait to get started, especially with my Artyarns Supermerino sitting there too.



KnitYoga said...

Wow, Katie - what lovely gifts! I love the Artyarns stuff. I've been meaning to order some of their Royal Silk for some time - the colours are just to die for (or should I say to dye for - groan!). Anyway, SP seems to have got it just right. Also, I seem to have got a bit behind on my comments to people's blogs because I missed previous post including Pretty in Variegated Purple and I wanted to say that it is just that - very pretty in variegated purple - and well knitted to boot! Will look great after the ribbon has been added. Also, your yarn for your clapotis looks a bit autumnal like mine. Not too dissimilar really colourwise - we must be on the same wavelength at the mo!

Mary Anne said...

Wowser Katie! your SP sent you some amazing stuff. Is that little sheep the one with the measuring tape that comes out of his tail? It is sooo cute. You've lots of goodies to play with now - reading, watching dvd, knitting. Will you have any time to blog???
Mary Anne

Anne said...

Wow indeed!! You have some SP! - Where are you going to start?


blueadt said...

Wow - maybe your SP knows you? It definately looks like she's had some inside information!

What day are you going to Harrogate? Andrea & I are going on Friday but meeting up on Thursday & staying in a hotel (read meal & pub - childless for an evening :-) )

Secret Pal said...

My pleasure! Now really, if you didn't like something, speak up. Next package is being assembled!

Also, if you liked the Bible card, more info on that project is here:

Andreaa said...

Great Stuff! Lucky You, isn't it great opening loads of yummy stuff that you know you will like but has been chosen by someone else so it's still a surprise?

Can you make Harrogate on Friday & meet up with Blueadt and I?