Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Cast On

OK, that Opening Ceremony went on FOREVER last night. Some bits were good (the moving people forming the image of a skier taking a jump was fab!), some bits I wandered off to make a cup of tea in... I looked out for Sweden coming in (as my SP who is spoiling me is from Sweden!) - they had such cool mittens on - the Swedish flag was on the palm, so when they waved to the crowd that was what you saw!

I've done 15 rounds so far, not nearly as much as Anne (grrrr ;-) ). But it's Knit Lincs this afternoon so maybe more will appear!

This is the "so which length Denise needle did I say I was going to use?" moment!

The cast on! I don't normally sit this close to the TV, but in the comfy armchair out of the shot. This was the only way we could fit me, the knitting and the TV into one shot!


HazelNutcluster said...

There was nothing better on TV at least, lol. I was impressed by the choreography and the costumes.

Mmm, lovely Denises.My list of must-haves grows constantly :)

TutleyMutley said...

So that's what a set of Denise Needles looks like!
What are you knitting for the Olympics Katie?

TutleyMutley said...

Sorry, blush, I meant to say Daisy, but I'm sure there's a Katie Daisy out there that's got me all confuzzed. good luck with the games.
Beats hasty retreat.

Theresa said...

My personal favorite part was the alpine dresses. Or maybe the cows. Hard to say ;)

Mary Anne said...

You're making good progress and I like the photo of you watching tv while you knit away.

Aren't those Denise needles wonderful? I've had a set since the early 80s and nary a problem. I indulged myself last year and bought a new set. Yummy things.

cheering you on over here in Canada.

Minnieknits said...

Yep, been there with the old denise dilemma - so many lengths to chose from and they just click together so smoothly!
Sitting that close to TV avoids any other distractions (people walking in, something outside window etc) - you olympians MUST stay focused at all times! lol
Right, you've given me an urge to fondle my denises so I'm off to do just that!!

KnitYoga said...

Well. you may not have got as much as Anne done on Friday but you got more done than me! ;-) Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your olympic knitting! I'll be sure to check in on your progress.
I waited and waited too for the moment to cast on, I thought the opening, for the most part, was awfully tiresome.
I actually thought the swedish mittens were a a bit... well, you know, corny. I liked the earmuffs that some of the other teams had though. The Brits were the first runner ups for best outfits alltogether, I think. Belarus had the nicest clothes. But I'm sure it won't make much difference in how they all perform in the competitions... ;)