Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic count down

Ooooh, it's TODAY! I've been eyeing up blogs, especially all the team buttons on here, aren't they fab?! Makes me want to join lots more teams as you don't seem to actually "join" Team GB, you just put the button on your blog. But I am going to content myself with the button in Ancient Greek, which I think is cool:

Since I've learnt to knit I've always thought that a pattern looks much like a page in Ancient Greek. Both are fairly meaningless unless you know enough to transliterate/understand/translate/knit what's written there. No, I'm not a Greek expert or anything, I can do the basics cos I need it for work, but that's about it!

**update. Pixeldiva has created a Team GB blog and a Frappr map!!! **

Here's an event summary page, so you can keep on track with what's happening with everyone, without spending the whole time online instead of knitting (oops). Hmm, I may put this on my Blogrolling thingy in the hope I remember to look at it.

I think I'm ready to roll. I mean knit. Have spent some time this week getting my WIPs to a sensible state to be abandoned for 16 days (isn't it funny that normally I wouldn't think twice about abandoning a project for 16 days, but I feel I ought to "round these off" to a suitable point!). The whole knitting Olympic thing is having a worrying effect on me, I also made a stash inventory last night. Very scary. Very very scary. How did I acquire enough yarn to make at least 17 pairs of socks?! I now have yarn stored in various places:
  • DK odds and ends (to be used for the olympics)
  • Yarn bought for specific projects (to be used up before more is bought)
  • Other weight odds and ends (mostly left overs from projects). To be used for a boa or something like that. Or just generally lounge around in the stash until I think of something cool to do with them.
  • A cupboard containing yarn currently in use (ie, the other balls of yarn for Cranberry!)
  • Two boxes of sock yarn. I know from the Socknitters list that enough for 17 pairs isn't really that extreme. But this is a small flat and I intend to move out of it this year. And I HATE moving so the less I have to move the better.
  • Random yarn that I acquired at some point. In a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and quantities.

This is my Very Boring Furry Scarf knit. Mum gave me it as a kit for Christmas so I thought I'd better make it. I save it for those "can't get to sleep" moments. I do like the colours though and it will be lovely and soft once it's done. It uses Paton's Whisper, which is much much softer than the Funky Fur stuff. (One of my very first knit projects last year was a Paton's Whisper scarf, combined with one strand of DK cotton, a bit like the Coney Island Fireworks Scarf in Stitch n' Bitch)

This is no. 2 Jaywalker. No. 1 has been frogged as I'd made the heel too deep and the fit was a little strange. This was only emphasised when I finished no. 2 and compared them, so no. 1 has to be done again. I don't mind though, cos it's lovely lovely yarn and I like the pattern! Note careful arrangement of bottom of jeans so you don't see my hairy gorilla legs.

And Cranberry. Who has also had a little frogging as the cables started to develop a mind of their own and do all sorts of interesting things. I tinked back about 12 rows and order has been restored:



Marie said...

i supposse I'm obliged to cheer for Team Norway, but I'll keep my fingers crossed and whisper cheers for everyone on Team GB too!! Or perhaps this is what makes the knitting olympics special: I can cheer for everybody!!

Annarella said...

Hey darling! Good luck with the Olympics! Hope you have fun :)


Mary Anne said...

I love that Greek button! And your furry scarf is so cute. Good luck with the KO projects. I know you'll be a winner.

KnitYoga said...

Good luck, Katie!

HazelNutcluster said...

Pretty socks :) Joining you in the gorilla legs category, is there an Olympic team??

Good luck!

Andrea said...

The jaywalkers look lovely. Waht are you knitting for the Olympics?