Sunday, February 19, 2006

Finding more time...

No. 1 jumper (the psychedelic stripey one) is completely knitted, but still needs sewing together and buttons attaching. No. 2 hasn't been started yet. I have come up with a cunning plan to gain more knitting time next week - having worked out that I'll be spending about 12 hours driving (isn't that dreadful, it's half a day of this week behind the wheel?!) I decided that employing a chauffeur would gain me 12 extra hours of knitting. So:

Monkey is finally earning his keep. I can see four slight problems with this:
  1. He can't see over the steering wheel.
  2. He can't reach the pedals.
  3. He can't reach the steering wheel & gear stick
  4. If we drive past a fruit shop he's liable to swerve straight off the road into it. Especially if they have bananas displayed prominently.
Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all?

Otherwise, I've been regretting the fact that the Olympics coincide with the end of the month (=frantic scramble at work). I also have no idea where I'm working in March, which is, erm, next week! The joys of self-employment - although at least I know that I have work next week, just not whether it's in Norfolk or Derbyshire (so only a slight difference there then!)

Can't decide what to do about UKHK. I usually read the messages on the website but can't see the point of clicking through them all as there are so many nasty and/or silly ones. So have gone onto Digest so can quickly whizz down 25 messages at once with only one click! I might leave altogether, but that would be a shame cos I have met some lovely people, found lots of interesting places to stash enhance and also been introduced to mountains of information about knitting. There is something weird going on with the Angel Yarns slagging off thing, I suspect. Someone sent an email complaining about them in her first post (making me wonder why she joined the list and whether she's connected to the person they sacked?). Also loads of people complained about them on the list, but as Tess said, only four (I think) people from that actually came forward with things she could follow through. Several of the names hadn't ordered from them at all and just seemed to be jumping on a bandwagon (weird or what?) So, anyway, I'm going to ignore all that and will try Angel Yarns again in the future. They've kept me waiting once for some Addis, but otherwise have been friendly and helpful.
Anyway, I'm going to keep an eye on UKHK and see how much nasty stuff there is and how much is useful/relevant/interesting/funny and then make my mind up.

Not much has been going on this weekend. I've ended up doing some work both today and on Saturday to get caught up with myself. Oh and I sorted out a load of my kitchen stuff (which has been living outside as there isn't room for it in my kitchen). I discovered an out-of-date bottle of blue food colouring (which I used when I lived in a Hall of Residence to dye my milk to stop everyone else stealing it). So have been looking at dyeing with food colouring!! Fun. Any one got any more useful links for that?

Oh and I've bought some new clothes in the Natural Collection sale! Then I can clear out my old clothes from the wardrobe and turn them into rag rug!

Oh, and I'm part way to achieving a New Year's Resolution. I got the newsletter from Yarn yesterday, discovered they have a Finishing Techniques Class (with Debbie Abrahams) running and have booked onto it! But it's not until June. :-( I'm very very excited, as I seem to remember Steph (I think it was Steph) going to a similar class fairly soon after I started reading blogs and getting into knitting. I remember reading about it and feeling all inspired to find one for myself...


ambermoggie said...

if your new chauffeur works out let me know, might have to try the cats out at it:) Regarding UKHK think we need a list for those of us who don't want flames:) watch this space

blueadt said...

I read the list emails online & don't receive any emails at all. I totally agree re the Angel Yarns stuff - it really looks as if someone is trying to cause trouble for them.

Emily said...

Agreed, I ordered some addi's from them and two out of three arrived very quickly. The last set was taking months to arrive so I eventually cancelled the order (mainly as I was moving house). But im certainly not put off using them.
I stopped reading UKHK because of the whole thing, it's very silly!

KnitYoga said...

You really got my imagination running riot with Monkey. I kept seeing him in my mind's eye careering into a greengrocer's with his eyes madly aglint at the sight of bananas! hehe

I hope you'll enjoy the workshop with Debbie Abrahams, I really enjoyed the one on the beading and intarsia I did with her just before Xmas at the Knit Tin.

Seahorse said...

Lol! I love Monkey!

Agree on the UKHK thing - I only joined fairly recently but haven't felt like joining in much because of the silliness of a few bad apples.

I'm interested in ambermoggie's comment - I've been thinking the same thing.

Minnieknits said...

Well, Ambermoggies gone and done it 'knitting in the UK' - it looks like it'll be a haven for yarnies who want to talk about knitting (now fancy that,on a knitting list !?!) - I hopped and skipped straight over there and felt the warm embrace of a handknitted afghan round my shoulders.
BTW - I'm thinking booster seat and stilts for the monkey and maybe a Paul McKenna tape on fighting impulsive behaviour? - should do the trick :-)))

Mary Anne said...

hey, Monkey looks so cool sitting there. I'm sure if you let him, he'll do a great job of chauffering you around :)

At least you have one of your sweaters finished with the knitting bits, Miss Olympic Knitter!

happyspider said...

do you think monkey can fill in for me at uni once a week?

jess said...

Blue milk! That made me smile.

Love the chauffer... but won't he cost a lot to keep in (knitted) bananas?