Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Olympic preparations

aren't really happening yet. I want to re-write parts of the pattern so I can do it on circulars (thank God for Denise needles, which *just* go down small enough!), thus saving some time and avoiding sewing up. I could just do it in my head as I knit, but I'd rather have it written down as I'll have more idea what I'm doing.

Have you seen the number of participants?! There are actually more people in the Knitting Olympics than there are in the sporty-version!

Here's a useful list of sensible things to do to ensure your hands don't fall off with so much knitting.

Am beginning to think I'm stark raving bonkers (yes, those that know me would probably agree with that). How am I possibly meant to knit TWO baby jumpers in 16 days with everything else I'm meant to do at the same time?!?! The only reason I got all that Christmas knitting done was having tonsillitis for the WHOLE of December. And I really wouldn't recommend that as a strategy...

Anyway, I'm not swatching, can't see the point as it's all DK yarn (and using 4mm needles) and going for charity, so they'll hand the jumpers over to whoever is the right size for them. Below is my pile of DK:

Now, the original idea in this pic was to group it all into similar colours, cos I love the way Mary Anne has her yarn arranged. Hmm. Mine isn't quite as neat. But you get the general idea. Please note that I'm NOT aiming to use all this yarn, only a fraction of it. The jumpers are meant to be bright and cheerful so there is plenty of potential for colourful stripes. Hmm. Just how psychedelic should these jumpers be? This yarn is from a variety of places: inherited, given by friends, found in charity shops, bought in sales. But I cannot remember acquiring the bright scary fluorescent pink and orange to the bottom right!

Have checked the schedules - the opening ceremony is being broadcast on BBC2 from 6pm (GMT) on Friday. Only problem is that Mum has friends over for the weekend so I may have to find a corner next door to watch TV in. At least I can knit at the same time as making polite conversation (sometimes being a woman has its advantages. Remind me I said that next time I'm on the blob.).

And talking about TVs. TV Licensing. What is going on?!?! Leave me alone. I don't have a TV THEREFORE I don't have a licence. So please stop accusing me of having a TV! I don't see why I should let my flat be searched by the Enforcement Officers for an illicit TV cos I ain't got one! According to Radio 4 this is a big problem as 90% of people who claim not to have a TV are lying. WELL I DON'T LIKE BEING ACCUSED OF LYING. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

But some of the excuses for having a TV but not a license are quite funny.


KnitYoga said...

Plenty of yarn there. You could easily make a dozen jumpers (just joking!) ;-)

Marie said...

I'm glad to see you take your preparations seriously. Don't forget to eat and sleep when the games begin!

Anne said...

Don't know about you, but I'm resolutely _not_ charting how much I need to get done every day - that way madness lies... I'll do what I can (and then stay up 'til 4 am on the last day...)

Nic said...

I want to play knit-olympics but too late to sign up and lets be honest, my life is too hectic at the mo so it would only lead to annoyance on my part when I can't knit a bootie in 16days. Maybe next time....this time I'll just watch all you mad people ;o)
LOl at the TV licensing people. I had that all the way through my third year at uni. They even sent the officiers round three times in that year and they were most annoyed that they couldn't find a tv!!

happyspider said...

ok so im not goint to do it to myself... being that i would actually have no idea when anything started when im down here in the bottom side of the world.
good luck!!!!
word verification: rhisk
do you think its trying to tell us something?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your olympic knitting, I've signed up for it meself! Team Sweden, of course! ;)


Minnieknits said...

Denise needles - my favs!
To the jumpers, you could be really scientific and do the whole colour wheel thingy (I have yet to get a book that tells me how to do this successfully!) or you could just say 'blow it' and have some serious colour fun ! I think with mini jumpers, the brighter the better ! Good luck with the Olympics, I have my flag and face paint all ready to chher you on! lol

Mary Anne said...

That pile of DK yarn looks lovely all smooshed up together! Those jumpbers will be very popular.

I didn't realize you needed a license for a tv. Is the license fee the only thing you pay or do you also have to pay a monthly fee for cable hookup? If not, it's probably cheaper than our system. We don't need a license in Canada but we pay for cable to receive speciality channels, etc. It can add up to a princely sum, esp. when you end up with 100+ channels and nothing to watch :)

Good luck tomorrow with your Knitting Olympics. I'm on the Homer Simpson KnitAlong so I'll be lazing around, watching everyone knitting frantically in all directions and cheering you on!

susoolu said...

That pile will make lovely jumpers (yes, jumpers plural - it will be done, it just has to be, there is no room for failure! But the honour is all in the taking part.)

Ah, tv licensing men - years ago, they came round to check if I really did only have a black & white tv. I was very disappointed when he just looked at the thing, and said I didn't even need to turn it on, as he could see it was so old.

noonie said...

Good luck.. how do I join Team Great Britain