Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tubey finished!

Finished Tubey last night. I LOVE this pattern. It was a quick (can't remember when I started it, but about a month ago & I've done other things too in the meantime) pattern and FUN!

I haven't really got wonky shoulders, we just had trouble getting a pic taken cos the light was all weird. Tubey is also not good for keeping sore throats warm and covered up so she's gone back to sleep for when I'm better.
Vital Statistics:
Pattern: Tubey, by Cassie Rovitti.
Size: XS.
Needles: 4mm (had to go down 2 sizes to get gauge).
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - 7 balls black (shade 300), 1 ball each of mauve (601) and rust (007) and 1/2 a ball of green (502) (thanks to Yvonne for helping me choose the green!)
Still undecided about the bra issue with this jumper. Maybe strapless is the way to go? Or braless?!

I have also been Magic Looping away with the gorgeous Trekking XXL yarn:

and now ready to turn the heel? Maybe tonight, although I was going to get Cranberry finished?
Via the Knitty board, I've swopped one skein of sock yarn for all this Koolaid! 74 sachets of it so plenty of fun ahead making a big mess dyeing in the kitchen!

I must admit too, that I was much better off being properly poorly in bed last week. This week has been mad as I've been well enough to spend a LOT of time on Ebay. Oops. Really need to get back to work to stop spending money (and to earn some too!)
This is one of my purchases, from this seller:

And house hunting. Oh crikey. Another house (a viewing I had to cancel last weekend) has had its offer accepted so it's off my list. It had only been on the market a couple of days. Grrrr. I have been finding out big long words and hoping that some of them won't happen to me: Gazumping, gazundering and conveyancing (well, Ok, the last one is an essential part of the process, but some solicitors charge a heck of a lot for it!)


KnitYoga said...

You've done a great job with Tubey and it looks fab on you! How are you getting on with the Magic Loop? Do you think it will help with the lines I got on my first sock? The woolwinder will be so useful. I need to get one, too.

Anne said...

Tubey looks gorgeous, and looking at the Trekking XXL I'm now reminding myself very hard about my current yarn fast. (Diet implies I'm allowed a little - NO!!) I'm so glad it's knitting up so nicely - it's impossible to tell when it's in the ball. (Although it's Trekking XXL - I wasn't that concerned...)

blueadt said...

Your Tubey is beautiful - well done. I hope you feel better soon.

Marie said...

Tubey looks fabulous, and seems to fit perfectly. Well done!!

Seahorse said...

Tubey turned out superb! Looking forward to seeing the results of the Koolaid dyeing.

katarinaw said...

Tubey looks absolutetly fabulous!! And you look fabuluos in it!! Good work!

minka said...

Your Tubey looks fantastic on you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

happyspider said...

tubey looks awesome! and well done on the ball winder - mine is my best friend ^_^
get well xo

Mary Anne said...

Daisy, your Tubey looks gorgeous on you - well done! I'll be interested in hearing more about your Magic Loop experience with sock knitting. Keep us posted please. And good luck on the house hunting. It can be a most frustrating experience, until you find the perfect house for you.