Saturday, April 08, 2006

SP Goodies

Well it only seemed fair to blog about my SP parcel first so I could thank my wonderful Secret Pal! I've been spoiled by Katarina, whose blog is "Knitting with Katarina". She has a lovely blog with beautiful pictures - go on, go and have a look!

And here is my final parcel from her:

Some beautifully wrapped and tantalising little parcels inside!

Isn't this egg cozy cute? Also some Easter cards and a card from Katarina which tells me where I can find her blog!

Some truly groovy chocolate bars (aren't they COOL?!), some sweets and a horse-shaped cookie cutter.

And 200g of hand-dyed ecological cotton from Sweden. It's a lovely colour, a little warmer red than it appears on my monitor. This is the manufacturer's website (I think). It's lovely yarn, very soft and knits up on 2.5-3mm needles. I keep stroking it!

Thank you Katarina - you've been a totally fab Secret Pal & I hope we'll stay in touch!

Oh, and I was spoiling Becky, who blogs here.

Still plenty of photos and blog posts to go, folks! In fact I'll probably finish my current knitting before I get the photos I've just taken of it up on here! We've just had another excellent Knit Lincs meeting and plotted a little visit to Yarn. Tee hee hee. Not until May, which gives me a chance to knit through some of my stash in the meantime...


Mary Anne said...

oooh, I love those egg cozies and the chocolate bars and the yarn...
welcome back kiddo and I'm glad to hear you had a nice time away. Looking forward to more stories.

Anne said...

OOoh - lovely presents - very cool sweets, and I love... - well - everything really.

katarinaw said...

I'm glad you liked it! It's been really fun being your SP!

jess said...

lovely spoils there!