Sunday, April 23, 2006


Well, this was going to be another of those posts with plenty of pics. I've got pics of Monkey knitting the collar of Cranberry, the progress of Tubey and my first attempt at Magic Loop sock knitting. But Blogger is playing up so no pics again I'm afraid!

Instead we're going to have another book review.
I took "The Carlyle's at home" away with me on holiday and have just finished it (mainly because I got engrossed in "The pillars of the earth" and a pile of knitting at the same time). A great book, mainly a description of Thomas and Jane Carlyle's life over several years at their house in Cheyne Row, Chelsea. What is fascinating is the detail. The chapters are divided up thematically eg, "Money", "Neighbours and nuisances" and "Clothes" and plenty about their servant problems - making a fascinating insight into both life then and their marriage. I hadn't expected it to be so amusing. There is even a small amount about knitting - (page 104) Jane refuses to learn to knit, and Carlyle is very keen to have some "wristikins" (which sound to me very like Brenda' Dayne's "Mrs Beeton wristwarmers" pattern!) so has to persuade his sister Jenny to make him some. Like all Persephone books this one is beautifully produced, with endpapers of "a Chelsea interior" and even a matching bookmark!

And have you seen the egg in my sidebar? It's starting to wobble!


susoolu said...

Yet another book I've never read, but always thought it sounded fascinating! (I owe so much to Helene Hanff's books, and so much that I know of Eng. Lit comes from reading her writing about reading Eng. Lit.)

Mary Anne said...

Thank you for that most intriguing book review! and yes, I am watching your wobbly egg and wondering what will come of it.

KnitYoga said...

Great book review! I keep meaning to take a closer look at Persephone books and now I think I must do so.