Sunday, April 30, 2006

Back down to earth

In an attempt to bring myself back down to earth after yesterday's house-buying hysteria I filed my tax return today and wrote to my solicitor and sorted out some stuff for the estate agent. I thought mundane things would make me calm down a little. Doing all this did stop me running off to Dunelm Mill to look at curtain fabric (a little premature for this, I think), although it didn't stop me checking out where I could get an organic veggie box from at my new house, and contacting Find a Milkman to find out if I can get milk delivered (in returnable glass bottles rather than smeggy plastic ones from the shop). I have also decided to start on this:

Debbie Bliss' spotty cushions from her Home book, as seen as "jellybean" cushions on Yarnstorm. I'm going to use the lovely soft cuddly alpaca yarn Katarina sent me during the SP exchange.

Didn't do any knitting yesterday as I have "Knitter's Wrist", caused by an excess of Magic Loop:

That sock was finished in record time and the yarn looks fab, doesn't it? I used some of my leftover Regia Canadian Color yarn as a contrast for the heel. The small blue sock is an attempt to make a sock for my nephew. I think I measured his foot wrong as it's turned out way too long. Going to have to make some alterations there once I've checked his measurements tomorrow. The stitch pattern is one of the four stitch ones from Sensational Knitted Socks, and the yarn is leftover Cygnet wool rich 4ply on 2mm DPNs.

Finally, more exciting parcels! Nic, who comes to Knit Lincs had told us that her friend Claire was opening a new online yarn shop, Fyberlounge, so we put on a big group needle order. I received them this week and was very impressed! The packaging is lovely, as you can see above. I was going to save the tissue for reuse at a later date, but it was quickly adopted by Sooty:

Inside the packages were loads of lovely needles. My favourites are the Surina wooden ones - I got some DPNs and some 4.5mm straights. Haven't used them yet but they look and feel marvellous!

Don't expect loads of posts this week! The tonsillitis has gone, thanks to the chocolate medicine and lots of knitting so I'm back at work after the bank holiday. How do the people who manage to do blog posts whilst going to work everyday do it?!


Anne said...

Very restrained of you... tax returns - eurgh! I had to apply for my next pay increase last week - and despite the form having been made as easy as it could possibly be, it was still big and horrid and scary.

But the socks - the socks look fab - that colourway isn't nearly as twee as I had the bad feeling it might be. And do check Noah's feet again - I was surprised just how long Ruth's feet are, so they may be pretty close.

susoolu said...

I have two words for you - no, make that four. "Knitted curtains" and "Sock Monsters". Not as silly as it sounds, in the new Mason-Dixon Knits there is a very pretty little curtain pattern, and everyone needs sock monsters.

Mary Anne said...

Those socks are gorgeous! I like the colours you've chosen for the pillow. I hope work doesn't tire you out and you can still find time for relaxing. Maybe Monkey can blog post for you?

KnitYoga said...

Oh my, you do sound organised! Looking into veggie boxes and milkmen already! Good on you! The DB cushions will look lovely I think in those colours. What - Knitter's Wrist caused by Magic Loop! Should I have ordered the booklet?!!! LOL Hope it's better now! The sock looks lovely though - gorgeous colours. Glad the tonsillitis has gone.

Heather said...

Excellent news on the house, Daisy - all the best for a smooth and hassle-free move!

Heather xxx

Nic said...

I'm not looking at the needles, I'm trying to resist temptation; everywhere I look, I see Surina!!
You're getting v organised with the house.If you want to come and organise me, feel free.
I love the socks. I need to knit faster, I'm still on the tulip/fimble socks.