Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas is coming...

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is
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All is crazy here. The countdown to Christmas is on.

Our Advent calendar must be well over 20 years old, as I can't remember not having it. It was made by my great-aunts and each pocket houses a little woolly animal or person which you attach by poppas to the picture. The 25th is a little baby Jesus, but my favourite is no. 20, the camal. I will try and remember to post another pic of this after the 25th when all the animals/people are in place.

Meanwhile, Sooty has taken a bath...

and triffids are taking over Mum's kitchen...

I should probably explain. Sooty's one back leg isn't really functioning because of his arthritis (he's on anti-inflammatories) so he tends to drag his tail and the left leg stump through all the mud/puddles outside. He'd come in absolutely caked in mud and there was no way he was going to be able to lick it off or we could comb it out. There was just too much! So I tried washing it off with a cloth, but that was difficult, so I lifted him into the sink and gently washed his tail. He didn't seem to mind (he purred all the way through!), then curled up and went to sleep by the radiator. Has anyone else ever had a cat that just will not behave like a cat is meant to?! Sooty has always been soppy as anything, following us around asking for cuddles. I got him when I was 8 and used to push him around in my doll's pushchair - which he loved. If he hadn't liked it he'd have run off or started hissing and spitting (like a normal cat would!).

The triffid is an amaryllis, which Mum found at a garden centre and insisted on putting it in the kitchen. I think it looks bizarre, although it'll probably improve when it's got flowers!

The Christmas knitting situation is now well under control, thanks to the tonsillitis! I'm beginning to feel better and am on my second round of antibiotics (!) but have been told not to go to work until after New Year (damn ;-) ).
So Mum's hot water bottle cover is finished. This is it blocking on my ironing board:

then sewn together and with the bottle inside:

This pattern followed the basic outline from the RYC Classic Home book and I used one ball of cream RYC Cashsoft 4ply and one of lilac. If you were making it in one colour, it would take about a ball and a half. Unlike the seven balls suggested in the original (intarsia) pattern!
The buttons and ribbon were both from Boyes (I love that shop, the buttons were 4p each and the ribbon was 30p a metre!)

Just the Christmas socks to finish now...


KnitYoga said...

That advent calendar is great - a sort of heirloom advent calendar I should think! The hot water bottle cover is pretty. Good that you didn't use all the colours - seven balls for a hot water bottle cover!!!

Anne said...

I love the hot water bottle cover.

Your cat sounds lovely :-) Ours is just about beginning to forgive us for having children - she's never been very keen on small people, but Ruth is finally winning her over (Ruth adores her!)

What did your mum think of the quinoa bake?

Nickerjac said...

Poppy think she is a dog and plays fetch with fizzy bottle lids, I have no idea where this has come from but is very funny. I love the advent calender, right I am off to find my elf name.
Hope you have a good christmas

blueadt said...

I love your hotwater bottle cover and am glad you're feeling better.

Mary Anne said...

the Advent calendar is much nicer than any I've seen before. I love your hot water bottle cover, Katie. It is so beautiful. I'm happy to hear your tonsils are behaving themselves better now :)
Take care and keep resting.

susoolu said...

A beautiful, elegant and calming hotwater bottle cover (with a little lavender sachet? - it would get all warm and scenty, and match the colours). And the advent calendar - who would want chocolate in theirs when they could have little animals instead. But mainly I am blown away by Sooty - and could he come an teach my cats better manners? Glad the tonsils are beginning to behave, how tragic to have to take time off work!