Thursday, August 04, 2005


I wanted to put "Bouncy" as my mood for this post, but it isn't on the Unkymoods list at the moment, so I've requested it and in the meantime we're making do with "Bubbly".
This won't be a long post as I made a miraculous discovery last night - if I go to bed at a reasonable time I can get up the next morning in time to catch the bus!! Why has it taken me 25 years to work this out? It is, of course, rather boring doing this - I miss some interesting stuff on the TV/radio and it rather cuts into my knitting time...
Meanwhile, the bouncy/bubbly mood is because I think I've solved the Chamonix problem. More will be revealed tomorrow, when hopefully I should have a pic of it. The search has involved in-numerable yarn shops across two continents, lots of phone calls and some disappointment (what is the point of having an inventory system that shows you've got some in stock when you haven't?!?!?!)
Also, I've got some Denise Needles - they're fantastic, like knitting meccano. I got them from Hazel, from UKHandknitters who was wanting to sell hers. Thank you Hazel!!
Pics will appear in due course.

And now to bed...

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Mary Anne said...

hey Daisy!
It's good to hear you are in bouncy mood! Sounds like you've got lots of projects on the go. I hope all goes well with your assignments also. I just noticed you mention the Denise needle set. I've been using my old set since 1982 or thereabouts, and I just purchased a new set this week. I love it. Now I have enough needles to start even more projects that I may never finish :)
talk later, chum
mary anne