Saturday, August 20, 2005

Anyone going to Greenbelt?

Is there anyone out there going to Greenbelt & who would like to meet up for some knitting whilst there? I had quite a few comments and emails when I posted the pic of my Greenbelt wristband, with people saying they were going. I have sorted out what I'm going to take with me, in terms of knitting (haven't done anything yet about tent, sleeping bag, clothes etc etc. You know, priorities!). This large lump of pink/purple/yellow hand-dyed Opal sock yarn and my DPNs:

which will be used to make this pattern from Knitty. I'm hoping the colours will be bright enough. They haven't come out too well in the pic above, so here's what they looked like before winding:

It had to be a sock knit, as I'm going on the train and haven't got space for much stuff! So, if you're going to Greenbelt look out for me and the psychedelic sock yarn! Would be great to have a knitting meet up whilst there. :-) I was the only person (again) at Knit Lincs this afternoon. Sob. Gulp. Sniff. Suspect this may be due to the school holidays.

Also, I think I really need a man in my life. To get that skein wound up I had to use the chair back, and I'm sure a man would have been more helpful. How does "would you like to help me wind some yarn" sound as a chat-up line?!

Or maybe one of those ball winder things I've seen on other blogs would be more use? After all it wouldn't leave the loo seat up, or pick its nose or fail to do the washing up/clean the bathroom, or come home drunk three hours after it was supposed to etc etc.


blueadt said...

I set up a knitting group in March & have found the following useful:
I distribute an A4 poster & tiny little flyers (4 to an A4 sheet) to ALL the LYS's every month. The latter go on the counter so people can pick them up.

I've also advertised on knitchicks & stitchnbitch plus forums on &

I've had 5 people twice & 9 four times but it's always a different nine with at least 2 new members - if we all turned up at once I'd have at 18.

Good luck

Nickerjac said...

I can't make greenbelt I do have to work, I am so jealous as John Bell is my hero. I hope you have a fantastic time and the weather is good for you. Fingers crossed for next year.

Anne's blog said...

It looks as though it's possible I may be going after all - if we can find a tent into which we can all fit, and which will go in our car with space for the rest of us & luggage (inc knitting!)


Sally said...

I'm going to Greenbelt and will look out for you. We're only going for the day (probably Sunday, possibly Monday) so have a lot to fit in to one day. Last time I was at Greenbelt I kept seeing everyone I knew for all different places. Hoping to go to some Iona stuff while there, and see friends in the Christian Aid tent.

scarletprincess said...

You're probably right about the ball winder... my darling fiance will have nothing to do with wool and so i either use the chair back, shove it around my neck or collar another unsuspecting fool. The ball winder is cheaper in the long run and wont check your wool bill!
That sock yarn looks fab :)