Saturday, August 06, 2005

Yarn everywhere - and some of it was free!

Wow. Yarn keeps materialising all over the place. The postman thinks it's hilarious when I keep getting soft squishy parcels!

This is my (now) large pile of Jaeger Chamonix and the jumper - Honey - which I'm going to make with it. This was a bit of an epic hunt. I got my original 5 balls from the John Lewis sale and was on my way back there the next day to get some more when the bombs started going off on the tube. Yarn-buying was swiftly abandoned for that day. Then I ordered some from Jimmy Beans Wool in the US, but they didn't have any left and their inventory system had problems. Finally (having contacted Rowan and various John Lewises) I found some at Ethknits and they posted them really speedily! Ah problem solved. :-) Thank you for the Colourway suggestion Sally, that was next on my list to try.

Then this morning the postman reappeared with another large parcel, which I definitely hadn't sent for. This one was from my great-aunts in Marple who had sent some of their yarn over for knitting into baby jumpers for Feed the Children. A lovely surprise!

They are pictured with my wonderful new Denise needles from Hazel!

Then at Knit Lincs this afternoon Debbie had brought along Rowan 38 to have a look at and also a pile of FREE STUFF from Laughing Hens. We've registered as a Knit Club with them (which is free) and therefore have our large pile of FREE STUFF and 10% off any future club orders over £100!!

This is the lovely stuff we got:
  • Various patterns and leaflets (including a Debbie Bliss book & Regia stuff)
  • Rowan, Colinette and Artesano Alpaca shade cards.
  • Stickers that say "Expert Knitter" and "I knitted when I was 10".
  • Some 5mm Addi Turbo circular needles.
  • 1 ball of Jo Sharp kid mohair in shade 611 (Ice tea). Yummy.
  • 1 ball of Kidsilk Spray in 574 (Regal). Yummy yummy.
  • 1 ball of RYC Soft Lux in 007 (Amethyst). Wow.
  • 1 ball of Rowan Soft Baby in 003 (Princess). Phew.
  • 4 balls of Debbie Bliss merino chunky in 140505 (Green). Oof.
Drool drool. Dribble. Drool. Excuse me.

Phew. Let's return to earth (well feet anyway) and see a photo of Jenny's finished thank you socks. Thank you socks 'cos Jenny let me stay with her the day of the bombs in London. I've just posted them off to her so I hope they fit OK.

I have also had a play around with some beads and wire and made these stitch markers:

I need to find some bigger rings for the next batch but I enjoyed making these & like the look of them. I used a mishmash of the instructions that had been suggested to me.

In the middle of all the drooling I have been doing some knitting but no photos yet, as there are already rather a lot on this post. I will leave you with the V & A Museum's knitting website. I hadn't realised that this is a specifically online exhibition. Some of the stuff can be seen in the museum, but this is the only place where it's all together. There are also some 1940s knitting patterns - including a balaclava with holes for the ears!!

I'm off to contemplate all this yarn...


KnitYoga said...

Glad you managed to source the Chamonix successfully. The socks and the bead stitch markers look great! Thanks also for pointing out the V & A Museum Knitting Website Link.

colin said...

Hi Daisy-thank you for your kind words re my blog and dogs.
colin x

Mary Anne said...


your stitch markers are cute as can be and I love those 'thank you' socks! Can't wait to see what you do with the Honey sweater. All that lovely yarn. Yum. Give it a pet for me too :)
Mary Anne