Wednesday, August 17, 2005


A pile of Finished Objects is beginning to materialise. The first is my dissertation. Technically it's not finished. But I have just posted 12777 words of the last draft off to my tutor. Hopefully only a bit of tweaking will be required, then it's done. Ha! I have also had some fun trying to make it as ethical as possible. I have ordered new print cartridges from Actionaid Recycling and bought some recycled printer paper from Natural Collection. Of course, the really ethical thing to do would have been not to write it in the first place, thus saving lots of resources!

Then there is my Kureyon Kozy and baby sock. Both are done. I'm particularly pleased with the Kozy.

I really enjoyed knitting it, the pattern is fun and it was great watching the colours (Kureyon 134) emerge from the wool as I knitted with my Denise needles! In the pic above it's being modelled by Mum's tea pot. The colours are a little brighter than they appear here. I think I'd like to make another one...
The baby sock was experimental, to see how big it turned out. It's too big at the moment for Noah (who is only 8 months old) but he will grow into it! I will make it a pair, then try smallifying the pattern a little. Some lovely people from the Socknitters Yahoo group have been really helpful about sizing and patterns. Their website has got SO much on.

Thanks to the Socknitters group my yarn diet has been discarded for the month. I have a bargain package on the way from Black Rock Creek - a mixture of sock yarns and only $3 for postage here! This is meant to be for Christmas presents. So it'll probably come by surface mail, so it'll be here next month - so actually it doesn't interfere with this month's yarn diet, does it?!

I have also decided what is to be the next project:

500g of Wendy Supreme DK cotton in variegated purple (brighter than this photo appears). I think I'll do a swatch while watching Neighbours at lunchtime.


KnitYoga said...

The Kureyon Kozy looks wonderful! The baby sock, also. I love the little frilly bit at the top. All these wonderful socks that people are making are getting me into the "must try to knit my first pair of socks" mood but have too many UFOs and USOs to do that at the moment!

Mary Anne said...

Yay for finishing your draft dissertation, your tea cozy and your sock! Way to go. That purply Wendy yarn looks yummy. Did you say what you are going to knit up with it?
ps: yarn diets are bad for your health :)
Mary Anne

Tracy said...

Wonderful Kozy! Never ever have diets with sock yarn, anything else yes, but sock yarn GASP!