Monday, August 22, 2005

Pride and Prejudice

Phew, looks like there'll be quite a crowd of knitters at Greenbelt so we'd better look out for each other!

It seems other people share my, ahem, Pride and Prejudice obsession. Whilst obviously no one could surpass Colin Firth as Darcy (excuse me whilst I pick myself up off the floor), there is a new P & P film version out in Sept. I thought it was the 16th, but I looked somewhere else and it was 23rd? Hmm. Anyway, they were filming it last year at Chatsworth when I was on holiday there. We did quite a lot of driving very slowly past the set/actors' caravans but didn't see anyone interesting. :-( Chatsworth is supposed to be the "real" Pemberley, as Jane Austen based the appearance of Pemberley on the place. It's a wonderful place to visit and easily fills a whole day. The gardens are beautiful and there's a farm shop with loads of incredibly YUMMY food.

There are also some of pics on the Visit Pride and Prejudice Country website. Amazingly some of it was also filmed in Lincolnshire (the county no one has ever heard of). Burghley House, right way down in the south of the county was used as Lady Catherine house, Rosings. Funnily enough another Lincolnshire house was used as Rosings for the BBC P & P. Starring Colin Firth. Excuse me whilst I pick myself up off the floor, again.

I've just found this blog, which has lots and lots of Austen stuff on. Bliss.

Maybe the subtitle of this blog should be: "where I rave about Colin Firth and occasionally mention knitting"?!

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We'll be camping with the Franciscans, so do drop by and say hello.