Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Guilt, guilt, guilt

Oh dear. Guilt all over. I haven't done any work today. I went into Lincoln and had a flip through the new RYC Winter book - some lovely patterns. I'm very tempted by "Firth" (because it makes me think of Colin?), but I also like Arran and Barra. Barra is already well into production over at One Ball Short of a Dyelot.

To compound the guilt my yarn diet for August is not going well. So far I've had (ahem) to buy the Chamonix (obviously as needed to make sure I got enough to make Honey!), and some baby yarn ( knitting for charity doesn't count in the yarn diet.) Then of course I was given some yarn, so that doesn't count either. Then the postman was back this morning with 3 balls of Kidsilk Haze in "Lord" (navy blue) from Celticove. This doesn't count either as it was in the sale, had free postage and is intended for Mum's Christmas present. Oh and the colour name is the same as my surname so obviously it was meant to be. Oh heck. And it's only 9th August.

The postman will be back tomorrow (maybe I should knit him a Christmas present too, as he's delivered at least a ton of yarn and books to me recently?) as I had an email from Greenmetropolis to say that Spiral Staircase has come into stock. This is an ace book - I heard it read on Radio 4 ages ago. It's excellent when life is getting you down. Not that life is getting me down at the moment, but the dissertation is.

The other reason why I didn't do any work today (guilt, guilt) is that I was knitting away on my NEW Denise needles :-) at my Kureyon Kozy. It's such a cool pattern - totally addictive and I love it. The Kureyon is gorgeous too. Ah. Sigh. I like yarn. I should assure all the people who commented on the last post that I should cuddle my yarn on their behalf too, that I have been doing. My yarn is very loved and well looked after, but I shouldn't let it reproduce any more this month.

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