Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Forgot to mention last night...

that the lovely Helen (everybody wave to Helen) from Celticove is opening a yarn shop in Chester. And it's going to be called STASH!! Ah think of all that yarn to stroke & feel... Helen said it's about to open. Of course, in some ways it's very good for my yarn diet that it's the other side of the country. But I'm definitely going over to have a look/feel/drool at some point!

Good luck with the opening Helen!!

Just checked on multimap. It's 117.3 miles from where I live. Huh.


Nic said...

Hey Daisy,
I've just seen your blog and got excited-a younger knitter in Lincolnshire!! I'm originally from a little village between Louth and Grimsby, living in South East Wales atthe mo but hoping to move back home soon.
Thanks for the link to Celticove too, just had to buy some stuff off there so don't feel guilty about your buys.


Mary Anne said...


117.3 miles is nothing to an intrepid and determined knitter, hoping to enhance her stash :).
It sounds like a lovely store and something to look forward.
Mary Anne