Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Being very silly

I am being incredibly silly today. I just got an email from my tutor, saying that he was "scribbling all over" the chapter I'd sent him and would send it back later this week. Result - total paranoia. Then I realised that this is the first draft, and it would be a bit strange if there wasn't anything to change about it. Ugh. I hate getting work back and sitting there with my breakfast when the post comes while I debate whether to open it or to pretend it's not there. When I got the results from my first degree it took me about 2 days just to open the envelope.

On a happier (but still fairly silly) note, my WIPs are increasing in number! On the needles I now have:
  • a child's sock, using up some sock yarn with a pattern I found on the Angel Yarns website. It will be way too big for Noah, but I thought I'd do this one then smallify the pattern. Or something. Maybe I just like knitting socks!
  • The Simply Knitting kidsilk haze wrap - now 60cm long ie halfway there!
  • Feed the Children baby jumper #2 - now back in production after I got some 60cm 4mm circulars from ebay. However, these will soon be unnecessary as I have some Denise needles on the way! :-)
  • Mum has just gone into Lincoln and I asked her to get some 4.5mm DPNs so I can get started on the Kureyon Kozy. OK. So technically this isn't "on the needles" yet as I haven't got them but the idea is there! There are some more tea cozy pictures on this blog.

Ha. That makes two projects for each house. Yippee!! But no trains or London this week so my knitting productivity will be right down...

Also, does anybody happen to have any Jaeger Chamonix lying around looking for someone to cuddle and love it? I need 5 x 50g balls of Biarritz, shade 904 - a sort of lilacy/lavendery colour. I was VERY VERY SILLY only buying 5 balls of it in the John Lewis sale when I need 10 for a jumper... I've already posted this request on UKHandknitters, UK knitswaps, angelyarns forum, upcountry things wanted etc etc. And this shade isn't on ebay. :-(

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Sally said...

colourway.co.uk had some in this shade on their website, in packs of 10. It doesn't seem to be there now but you could phone them and see if they have any left.